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MintPal is a startup, based in the UK, that focuses on the exchanging of cryptocurrencies.



Launched in February 2014, the MintPal aims to provide the best user experience matched with quick support times. The owners plan to add new coins over the next months based on popularity.

Development team is made up of talented developers and network engineers that are trying to build a fast, efficient and secure system that takes advantage of the latest web technologies.


The team set following objectives:

  • A secure & reliable trading environment.
  • A fast matching engine that executes trades within milliseconds.
  • The latest market data available to all users as fast as possible.
  • A highly scalable architecture that can handle spikes of activity.
  • An appealing & responsive user interface that is easy to use.
  • Fast support responses, typically within 24 hours.
  • Supporting new coins with lower fees for buyers to begin with.


The site’s architecture allows for these features:

  • Full DDoS protection with a leading provider
  • CDN Caching for all static content
  • Distributed wallets & Hot / Cold wallets
  • Tiered design from Day 1 to improve scalability
  • Push instead of pull to deliver all market updates as fast as possible
  • 2 Factor Authentication as standard for all staff

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