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Modex ICO Review
Modex ICO
Ticker: MDX
ICO start: 2018-07-25 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-25 00:00:00
Price: 1 MDX = 0.80 USD
Tokens: 197333328
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 125000000 USD
Raised: 0
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: ~75%
Accepting: BTC, ETH, Various

Modex’s smart contract marketplace will be the glue and pipeline that brings mainstream smart contract apps to the world, in a “ready to go” format. Being built on top of Modex’s existing payment infrastructure (MoneyMail, M3 Payments, & OmniChannel Commerce) will allow for easy and user friendly access to cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.



Modex is currently one of the few ICOs with a working product already available on the market, having launched the live platform on 15th of March. People can already browse through over 60 Smart Contracts & Templates. Initially, the platform will focus on Ethereum based smart contracts, but will soon incorporate a multitude of protocols, that also have smart contract functionality, such as: Waves, Coco, Komodo, Ark etc.
The philosophy behind the Modex Smart Contract Marketplace is to accelerate the rate of blockchain adoption and to provide a ‘theatre of operation’ for developers to showcase their skills and offer smart contract solutions to buyers. Real world communities and businesses can easily find smart contracts that meet real-world needs, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects for their individual project.


Q4 2017: – Third party payment gateway & exchange
– Bitcoin-based credit cards
– API guidelines & stubs
– Conferences & Events
– Announce partnerships
Q1 2018: – Multi-currency wallets & card integration in Moneymailme
– Ethereum based credit cards
– Payment gateway & exchange APIs
– Setting up security audit and pen-testing processes for the Smart Contracts
– Launch 2018 Marketing Campaign: Bounty Programs, Crypto Cities, Incubator Launch
– M&A Due Dilligence
Q2 2018: – eCommerce & POS support, Cold Storage in Modex Wallet
– White label token issuance tool
– Starting development for Smart Conract Store
– Community outreach for shortlist of smart contracts
– Corporate tokens issuance tool. White-label solution for companies
– Ongoing, Inbound & Traditional Marketing
Q3 2018: – Implement third-party escrow service
– Implementation of first Smart Contracts
– Publish campaign progress, launch of EOY Modex event
– Launch partner program
Q4 2018: – P2P lending with Bitcoin and Ethereum backings
– Escrow service APIs
– Smart contract store launched
– Vetting process for pre-approved developers
– Enterprise access to store smart contracts
– Ongoin campaigns: Announce 2019 Crypto City & Incubator Programs
– Aquisition Announcements
2019: – Modex Wallet
– OmniChannel Commerce Integration(s), Privacy wallets & KYC support
– Lending APIs
– Opening the smart contracts store to all developers
– Launching the smart contract marketplace
– Start building visual contract builder
– Enterprise Centralized Application – privated blockchain integrated with the end-to-end payment solution
– Crypto Cities v2.0 & Online incubator program launched
– Inhouse cold storage, CryptoCoin partnership(s)
2020: – Modex Wallet IoT ‘touch and go’ payment tech
– Launching visual contract builder
– SmartWallet program launch
– IoT sector focus[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Mihai Ivascu CEO Mihai Ivascu photo 4.1
Graham Thomas CSO Graham Thomas photo 4.1
Mark Bolsom Head of Business Development Mark Bolsom photo 4.1
Paul Mears CFO Paul Mears photo 23.6
Alin Iftemi CIO Alin Iftemi photo 4.1
Dragos Ilinca Head of Marketing Dragos Ilinca photo 4.1
Florin Otto Head of Product Florin Otto photo 4.1
Anthony Provasoli Advisors Anthony Provasoli photo 4.1
Peter Kristensen CEO at JP Funds Advisors Peter Kristensen photo 24.6
Angelique Mohring Founder and CEO at GainX Advisors Angelique Mohring photo 4.1
Scott Morris Founder at Ithacash, partnership team at Bancor Advisors Scott Morris photo 4.1
David Applefield Advisors David Applefield photo 4.1
Zsolt Lavotha Advisors Zsolt Lavotha photo 4.1
Richard Skaife CEO of Yovo Advisors Richard Skaife photo 4.1
Brian Scott-Picton Advisors Brian Scott-Picton photo 4.1

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