Modex Tech

Modex BCDB – Blockchain Database

Modex BCDB is a software product designed to support businesses by enabling them to create products based on a blockchain back-end. Modex BCDB also facilitates the migration from classic client-server database oriented products to a distributed blockchain based back-end engine. Modex BCDB is not designed to eliminate the database component which is essential for any enterprise organization, but to mix the standard database engines with the blockchain features in order to obtain decentralization, data integrity assurance, high availability and scalability, improved security and a new way to manage business-relevant data records. Modex BCDB will be integrated with new or existing enterprise software products but will not replace them. It is designed to allow original software products to keep their core business components and functionalities. On top of that, Modex BCDB is bringing an extra set of core ready-to-go functionalities which will add value to all products which implement it, making them blockchain ready. Modex BCDB presents itself in the form of a private blockchain network, where each node replicates a blockchain client, a database of your choice, its core functionalities, an administration module and an API interface for other systems to connect to.

High-Level Architecture

The High-Level Architecture is meant to demonstrate the scalability and interconnectivity of all Modex BCDB networks across www. Each network is deployed and configured to serve a specific geographic region in order to cover region legal requirements in regards to data protection as well as to offer local access to the system resources in regards to speed optimization and quick data and service instantiation. Each network (Eg. Europe network) is sustained by several nodes which replicate database information, blockchain specific data and system functionalities within the region boundaries. Several nodes per network are required to ensure data integrity,data availability and service uptime within the region. All networks communicate with each other by sharing data. Data is always shared following legal provisions that are set in place. Data sharing specifications are configured per node in accordance with limitations/restrictions of the region/country where the node network physically resides.