Moeda Loyalty Points

Moeda (MDA) is a digital token created for small payments and lending to participants. All these transactions will take place within the Moeda Loyalty Points platform, which can be described as a banking system for businesses.



The use of this token is more secure for business, as its rate is tied to the cost of fiat money. The Moeda Loyalty Points functionality allows operations with tokens to be faster and cheaper than transactions with fiat money. Users can send Moeda (MDA) tokens using a special blockchain-based application for iOS and Android.


Moeda platform has every chance to be popular. The project team is focused on the most, in their opinion, problematic country in terms of lending – Brazil, where it plans to bring on board about 100 000 people. Until 2022, Moeda wants to enter the world market and attract more than 1 billion users.

Where to buy

Moeda cryptocurrency (MDA) can be bought on the Binance exchange for a price of $0.9 per piece. The project capitalization is $17 million, which makes it possible for the project to be on the 402nd position of the CoinMarketCap rating. The daily trading volume on all sites where the coin is represented is $856054.

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