MonsterBit is an improvement of the existing crypto game. The team changed the characters and completely updated the design. Unique monsters, new facial expressions and more are available in MonsterBit.



The main features can be distinguished:

  • Growing up will add a new level of engagement to the game. In CryptoKitties, users received a cat and did nothing else with it, except breeding and selling. MonsterBit players will grow monsters, feed and take care of them until they can breed. Users can sell monsters at any age. Growing up is divided into several stages. To pass each of them users need two factors: time and food. They can speed up the maturation with the help of food, which is sold in the domestic store (its value does not exceed the cost for which the monster is bought). Food can also be earned by viewing ads and attracting new users to the platform.
  • Only adult monsters can reproduce. The process is tied to food, the age of the monster, and the “Gen” generation. The developers also decided to determine the duration of pregnancy and the period of recovery after childbirth. All intervals can be reduced by buying food, the price of which depends on the level of the monster.
  • The monster store will become a platform where users can buy/sell monsters of any generation and age. It is important to note that all prices are set by the players, so there is a market economy. All transactions and the transfer of rights to the monsters takes place through the Ethereum network.


MonsterBit developers have thought of small details, and in order to involve users in the gameplay, they decided to create fights monsters. All owners of monsters will be able to fight with each other for game resources (weapons, food, monsters). Weapons for duels can be bought on the trading floor.


A nice bonus will be the earnings on advertising. A monster will be able to become a brand face or just advertise products, for which the owner gets real money that can be spent or withdrawn.

MonsterBit did not forget about real physical toys. Anyone will be able to order a plastic or plush analogue of the monster with home delivery. And the owners of digital monsters will receive a discount of 15%. All transactions are conducted in Ethereum.


  • Token name: MD.
  • Token price: 1 MD = $ 1-2.
  • Tokensale hardcap: 3,000,000 MB.
  • ICO date: May 25 – June 25, 2018.
  • Accepted currencies: ETH.

Use of funds:

  • 40% — marketing, signing partnerships and attracting new users;
  • 30% — the development of the game;
  • 15% — reserve funds;
  • 10% — pool award-winning team;
  • 5% — legal expenses.

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