MSG Token is a project of,MSG Token will be 100% utility token where users using the platform will be purchasing tokens as a promo code that will entitle them of 5%-30% discounts on Flights, Hotels and trip deals.

Crowdsale participants will be able to use MSG Token immediately as soon as the platform is finished. Crowdsale participants will have two options Purchase flights and hotels fully with tokens Or cover up the platform fees with a small amount of tokens on each trip reserved and pay the rest in any currency through the platform. This will motivate the participants to hold their tokens and increase the demand for MSG on the exchanges. Platform users who want to get better travel deals with discounts ranging between 10-30% will have to purchase MSG tokens either directly through Morestamps website or on exchanges.

Users will have to allocate an amount of Tokens on each booking they make to get the cheapest deal possible.

Users that have already purchased MSG Token in the crowdsale will immediately have the access to these deals as they carry the token in their wallets and either pay the expense in tokens fully or pay in fiat and cover the platform expenses with MSG token.

While the users who don’t carry MSG Token will be able to see the deals and only have access to them only by buying MSG Token from exchanges upon data input for booking order completion.

Buying MSG Token now entitles users in the future of having the options of

Purchasing 10-30% discounted travels fully with tokens, therefore utilizing their token for an immediate value upon platform release Or

Cover up the platform fees with a small amount of tokens on each trip reserved and pay the rest in fiat through the platform, therefore they will have the ability of holding more tokens for future discounts.

Participating in the mass adoption of crypto travel world, by holding their tokens for sale on exchanges

MSG Token Ecosystem

On the MoreStamps global platform users will have 4 options to purchase their booking travel. Fiat – currently available Cryptocurrency over 40 cryptocurrencies – currently available 100% with MSG Mix – fiat/cryptocurrency covering wholesale price + fee covered with MSG

Paying for 100% with MSG token will be only available to crowdsale participants. Users that signed up on MSG sale platform will have same details on MoreStamps.Global booking platform. Flights and hotels can be paid in tokens, token value will be equal to the current exchange rates.

4. Mix Future platform users who have not participated in the crowdsale, will be able to get lower price if they decide to cover their platform fee with tokens.

For example. Hotel decides to offer 100$ per night, price if paid with crypto would be $110, Fiat $120, mix with tokens $105 On our token platform users will see the price wholesale price + platform fee. Price would look like this: $100+ 10msg(worth 5$)

The MSG fee will be 50% lower than if it was paid fully with the crypto. These saving might seem little, however family accommodation that would cost $2400 on popular booking websites, through Morestamps Global platform it would cost $2000 + worth of $100 msg tokens, saving $300

On average users can expect to save 15%-30% for their vacation through morestamps.

The price of the token in the market

Using the promo code principal in MSG Token will play a big role in the exchanges prices as it massively impacts the demand when the reserved funds in the company will be allocated to the marketing.

MSG Token will be listed on 2 exchanges by Q2 of 2019 and the price of MSG Token will dramatically increase as the platform users in the future will be obliged to purchase MSG Tokens on each travel to cover platform fees and having the ability to travel to their dream destinations by getting access to the cheapest deals by crossing out the market monopoly with the elimination of the third party middlemen, hence cut the fees that are imposed on hotels and customers by up to 30%.

The Platform fee in MSG will be set dynamically considering : 1. Price of the token on exchange 2. The platform fee (Percentage of the overall booking expenses)

Use of proceeds Total supply : 156970000 MSG Tokens

-The maximum purchase will be: 210 ETH -Gas limit: 21,000 -Emission Rate: No new tokens will ever be created -Hard Cap: $9,988,450 -Soft Cap: $1,150,500 -Stage 1- TOKEN PRE-SALE Period : 1 Month and 15 Days MIN Deposit presale : 1 ETH 20,248,800 Tokens at 10 cents + 15% bonus: $2,147,050 Total -Stage 2- CROWDSALE Period : 1 Month MIN Deposit TOKEN SALE : 0.5 ETH 73,933,200 Tokens at 14 cents + 10% bonus: $7,841,400 Total

Token & Funds Allocation

Tokens Allocation:

Overall tokens created 156970000 MSG For sale 60% 94182000 MSG For Bounties Airdrops and/or Promotional Campaigns 13% 20406100 MSG For advisors and team members 7% 10987900 MSG Reserved tokens 20% 31394000 MSG Long-term alignment of interests, private decisions and strategic future acquisitions to benefit the ecosystem.

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