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MultiBit is a simple Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux based on BitcoinJ. Its main advantages over original Bitcoin client are the option of using multiple wallets at once and the lack of need to download several-gigabyte Blockchain (16.5GB as of April 2014[1]). The project was founded by english developer Jim Burton.



Multibit Review – which Bitcoin wallet?

MultiBit Wallet refers to the so-called thin client. It does not require loading the entire block chain (database of all system transactions) to your computer. The necessary data is taken on third-party servers automatically. This contradicts the essence of the peering system, but it also has a significant advantage – low resource consumption.

MultiBit has gained popularity among users due to its fast loading, user-friendly interface, multi-language support and a variety of settings. The ability to choose the currencies of different countries on the basis of the Bitcoin exchange rate received from the largest exchanges, allows you to see the value of each transaction in real time from the features of the wallet, which must be warned – the wallet does not create itself, but reuses the same address. In addition, the inability to use Tor may disclose information about all payments of a user.

The development of the main branch of Multibit a year ago was suspended in favor of a new version of Multibit HD, which, however, is still in the stage of preliminary testing. The latest release, 0.5.18, was published in April 2014, so Multibit has not appeared already included in the widespread use of new items – multi-signature, two-factor authentication and mobile version of the wallet.


MultiBit was announced on September 12, 2011.[2]

During the existence of MultiBit it was downloaded more than 1.5 million times. It may happen that due to the innovations, the record will be broken MultiBit HD, the beta version of which is available for download now. This wallet will support 40 languages, hardware wallet Trezor, recovery by secret phrase-almost everything that works in Electrum today.

MultiBit’s interface


  • Several wallets can be opened up simultaneously
  • Network synchronization within few minutes
  • Displaying of BTC/USD rates from MtGox, VirtEx and other exchanges
  • Importing and exporting of encrypted keys
  • User’s balance rating over last 30 days
  • Open source (MIT license)
  • Translated into multitude of languages

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