MyCryptons is a blockchain based desktop collectible game launched in May 2018 by Crypton Labs. The platform runs on Ethereum network and requires Ether wallet for purchasing in-game assets. [1]




MyCryptons in 60 Seconds

Cryptons are collectible game characters and ERC-721 tokens. They are depicting public figures – politicians, singers, activists, authors – in a satirical way.
All Cryptons are unique. Every Crypton has a gagline – a short message displayed under the image.
Crypton owners can change the gaglines to express themselves through their Cryptons.

How to buy

Cryptons can be bought on the game Marketplace using Metamask. If the Crypton is new, you can purchase it for the starting price depending on how popular its prototype is. The most expensive characters are traditionally the world leaders. If you want to buy a Crypton already owned by someone else, than you will have to pay the double price. A buyer cannot reject the deal unless they pay a protection fee. In this case they can set their own next selling price.[2]


The developers are creating games and activities for Cryptons. Now two games are live, and two more are coming.

Mating Game

In the Mating Game two Cryptons can be breeded and give birth to an offspring inheriting their features. The funny thing is that not only a traditional couple can be parents, a new Crypton can be created from two men, two women, or with the participation of non-human Cryptons.

Angry Mobs

Angry Mobs is a game where owners can customize Cryptons using a built-in template editor changing the background colour, font and adding accessories to the picture.

Social links


  1. Crypto Collectibles Site Plans to Invite Developers to Create New Games, Polls and Content
  2. Blockchain Platform Offers Digital Collectibles of World Leaders and Politicians

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