Nebulas is a blockchain platform with the objective to become a decentralized search framework that was founded in June 2017. The Nebulas Rank provides insights on blockchain data.

Nebulas aims to address these challenges. This white paper explains the technical design ideologies and principles of the Nebulas framework. Our framework includes:

  • Nebulas Rank (NR),a new system for the measurement of value for applications on the blockchain. Nebulas Rank measures the value of applications by considering liquidity and the propagation of addresses & contracts used in applications on the Nebulas platform – in a trustful, computable, and deterministic approach. With our new ranking system we’ll be able to see more applications with real usage surfacing on the Nebulas platform.
  • Nebulas Force (NF), which supports upgrading the core protocols & smart contracts directly on the main chains. This will provide Nebulas the capability to self-evolve and incorporate the newest technologies into the main chain, once they are ready for real world usage. With Nebulas Force, developers can build rich applications in fast iterations, and these applications can dynamically adapt to market changes or community feedback.
  • Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), is designed to develop our blockchain ecosystem in a better way. The Nebulas token will be provided as an incentive for the top developers on our platform – as measured by our Nebulas Ranking system. This will help reward the best applications and incentivize developers to build more value for themselves and Nebulas as a whole.
  • Proof of Devotion (PoD) Consensus Algorithm. To build a healthy ecosystem, Nebulas proposes three key points for our new consensus algorithm: speediness, irreversibility, and fairness.
  • Search engine for decentralized applications. Nebulas constructs a new type of search engine for decentralized applications based on Nebulas ranking system. Using our engine, users will be able to find the most useful decentralized applications when they need it.


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