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Neumark is a cryptocurrency that was designed to power up the Neufund platform. Neufund is a platform that was designed by the German company called Fifth Force GmbH. The whole project is a result of the work by Zoe Adamovicz and Marcin Rudolf. However, the project is mostly community-driven.



Neufund is a community-owned service that was established as a fundraising platform. Its name was derived from “new way to fund ventures” which pretty much sums up the project’s vision. The platform helps various start-ups and well established ventures to both gather the initial funding and provide them with the required additional funding. The platform seeks to become a legal and technically sophisticated way to provide token offerings.

The platform allows anyone to participate in investing by providing users with an equivalent to shares – equity tokens. Equity tokens are security tokens. Neufund-issued security tokens seeks to be as liquid as cryptocurrency and as stable as traditional securities.

Equity tokens are easy to buy for every user of the Neufund network. They don’t require user to have specific certificates and get through tough legal requirements. Another major advantage of Neufund tokens is in the fact that they are easy to use via the Neufund user interface.

The platform is powered by the Neumark token – a ERC-20 token that is used to sustain the Neufund system. The token is earned by investing their capital to the platform. The Naumark coin is providing its owners with a right to have a part of the revenue made by the company they invested in.

The Neufund approach to funding doesn’t require its customer companies to be technologically advanced or even be sophisticated blockchain users. The platform primarily seeks to be a useful tool for the off-chain companies.

The Neufund project also provides its users with a EURT stablecoin – a token, that has a price equal to a current price of the Euro fiat currency. This token was made specifically to make it easier for non-sophisticated users to participate in the platform. All the user experience on the platform was designed with a similar approach.

The Neumark token

The Neumark platforms allows its users to interact with four different types of tokens. They are: Neumark token (NEU) – a token, used to provide rewards for the investments, made via the platform. The token can be used both within the platform and outside of it. The token is not only valued for its speculative price fluctuations but also is valued as it provides dividends for its owners.

Equity Token – a security token made to represent the ownership rights over a part of the company that was sold during the token sale performed with the Neufund platform. Ethereum (ETH) – a coin that was utilized by the platform to conduct investments and commitment transactions (transactions, performed to assure the company seeking investment that it will get a particular amount of funding in the future). Euro Token – a token that is strictly used within the platform. It is used for easy-to-perform transactions within Neumark. The token can’t be sold and traded outside of platform too.

Neumark Price

The live Neumark price is available on COIN360 widget:


There are no minable tokens besides Ethereum on the Neurofund platform. The platform itself requires no mining and is operating via the Ethereum-based smart contracts. No tokens active on the platform besides Ethereum and Neumark token can be bought on the cryptocurrency exchanges.


At the time of writing this article, the Neumark token is traded on the following cryptocurrency exchanges.

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