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Niklas Nikolajsen – Bitcoin, Billionaire, crypto

Niklas Nikolajsen is an early adaptor, investor and FinTech entrepreneur in the field of cryptocurrencies and crypto finance (bitcoin). While a Danish citizen, Nikolajsen has been a Swiss resident since 2011.



A computer science graduate from Copenhagen, Denmark, he has worked professionally as a software architect and developer from 1998 until 2012; during the later years of his career mostly in the financial sector.

In 2013, he co-founded Bitcoin Suisse AG, a (2016) leading broker, asset manager and financial service provider in the field of crypto finance. This company became the first bitcoin financial service provider to provide services to a public entity (the town of Zug).

In 2014, he co-founded the Digital Finance Compliance Association and joined its board, promoting the Zug-based «Crypto Valley» concept, and working towards a friendly Swiss regulatory framework for digital finance with the FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Authority)

Since 2010, Nikolajsen has been a frequent commentator and outspoken proponent of bitcoin and blockchain technology, particularly in Switzerland.

In 2016 Niklas Nikolajsen was named a top-100-influential Swiss banker by the Swiss financial magazine BILANZ.

Niklas Nikolajsen – interview with Bitcoin Suisse AG CEO

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