Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision is the world’s first project that provides contactless identification of users through the blockchain based on IOT (internet-of-things). Retail outlets will be able to increase their income and become more customer-oriented, using personal information about the user and his purchase history. The Nucleus system plans to become the largest universal loyalty program using the cryptocurrency — NCASH as bonuses. 10 billion tokens were issued without the possibility of mining. NCASH can be bought on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.



The problem of increasing sales, targeting advertising and attracting customers is always relevant. Since 2014, the team of Harvard business school has been developing a fundamentally new blockchain system for contactless identification of real-time users, without using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The founders of the Nucleus Vision project are Abishek Pitti, Avinash Pitti, Martin Dudley and Brooks Atwood, the rest of the team consists of 36 people from San Francisco and India, each is an experienced specialist in sales and technology of IoT, blockchain and RF (RFID, RTLS).

History of development:

  • in 2013, research was started on the results of more than 400 surveys of various brands and potential investors;
  • in 2014, with the financial support of Tim Draper, agreements were concluded with 100 trademarks and 4 Telecom companies;
  • in 2015, a demo version of the technology was tested in San Francisco for the first time, which helped to attract more investment;
  • in 2016, the project was fully completed — 4 global partnership agreements were signed, 50 million customers of Telecom companies were registered in the system;
  • at the beginning of 2017, the official launch of Nucleus Vision took place — 10 IO sensors were installed, 2 companies joined the system, a coupon system was developed, and the number of identified users increased to 30 thousand;
  • in the fourth quarter of 2017, the number of sensors increased to 15, another partner was added, the coupon system began to be used, and the number of users increased to 40 thousand.
  • From 23 to 26 December 2017, it was recorded in the white list to participate in the ICO.


The holding of the Nucleus Vision ICO was scheduled for January 28, 2018, but the crowdsale was canceled because during the preliminary sales it was possible to collect the full amount of hard cap — 40 million USD at the price of 1 NCASH = 0.01 USD. All investors received bonuses of up to 25%.

The total number of coins issued by the creators of the platform is 10 billion NCASH. All tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 40% — public participants;
  • A 25% reserve of the company;
  • 25% — to the development team and employees;
  • 5% — advisors;
  • 5% — on the bounty campaign and subcontractors.

Bounty campaign

On November 25, 2017, the project launched a large-scale bounty. It was allocated 1% of the total number of tokens, which amounted to 100 million nCash or 1 million USD (at the price of a coin on the ICO — 1 NCASH = 0.01$). In total, 9 advertising campaigns were held:

  • on Reddit-20%;
  • on Twitter-10%;
  • Telegram-5%;
  • on Facebook-5%;
  • for any creative content about Nucleus Vision-15%;
  • for finding bugs and development for integration-10%;
  • for articles, reviews and publications-20%;
  • for translation and publication of news-10%;
  • for a subscription to the account bitcointalk Nucleus Vision-5%.

Another promotion, which was held from January 28 to February 9, 2018 was Nucleus Vision Airdrop. Users from the white-list signed to the project accounts on Reddit and Telegram could take part in it just by filling in the registration form on the promotion page. Airdrop was launched as compensation for the cancellation of the ICO.


The work of the contactless user identification system is provided by 4 main components of the Nucleus Vision ecosystem:

  • ION. Unique sensor that can identify the user within a radius of 200m. It detects temperature, pressure, movement speed and sounds, is able to read hidden data, guarantees privacy and security of information, can identify 32 unique customer IDS in 600 microseconds.
  • ORBIT. Blockchain is a system for transmission and storage of authorization data, transactions between the partners of Nucleus Vision and their customers. Also, she is responsible for the communication token nCash with cryptonomicon in general.
  • NEURON. The platform that holds processing and deep analysis of data obtained from the ION and ORBIT. It is responsible for real-time identification and recommendations for customers, as well as the instant determination of the profitability of the seller’s campaign.
  • nCash. The crypto token of the project used in loyalty programs and contributions for the conversion, and also for any calculations in the framework of the project.

All these components have long passed from the design stage to active use. The technology is patented and already works in 10 stores.

Where to buy

On February 26, 2018, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the addition of the nCash token to its platform. Now everyone can buy Nucleus Vision, for this users only need to register on the exchange and replenish the account of the supported cryptocurrencies, the platform does not work with fiat funds.

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