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NULS is a global blockchain open-source project which is a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure; it consists of a microkernel and functional modules. NULS provides smart contract, multi-chain mechanism and cross-chain consensus. It aims to break the technical barriers of blockchain, to reduce the cost of development, and to promote the usage of blockchain technology in the commercial field.



Nuls Cryptocurrency Review – Custom Entreprise Blockchain. Nuls is building a platform for entreprises to easily build custom blockchain solutions.

NULS is making use of smart contracts so that NULS becomes a programmable blockchain.


Cryptocurrency NULS is a blockchain with a modular based architecture enabling customizable modules and sub-chain operability. Its two-part design is the microkernel and the functional modules. The microkernel provides the underlying mechanisms for the network while the functional modules are the compartmentalized features of the blockchain. They have been built with the goal to maintain the well-known programming practice of high cohesion and low coupling. They also adopt the hot pluggable principle allowing modules to be added or removed during operation.

The decentralized nature of crypto NULS is in creating a business model that bridges the gap of trust in using the technology as well allow users to customize their chain to fit with their needs. The simplicity of implementation comes from the architectural design of NULS where complex concepts such as cryptography, consensus mechanisms and storage methods are abstracted away from the developer and they need only to be concerned with what they want to build that is within their skillset. The simple base of the main-chain will provide a set a modular component that can be customized to the user’s needs.


Currently, the blockchain sector is struggling with making blockchain technologies flexible and convenient. At crypto NULS, our mission is to build a customizable universal public blockchain infrastructure. Building a customizable infrastructure, our goal is to be helping enterprises improve credibility by deploying their own decentralized applications in the blockchain.

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All the modules of NULS are pluggable and replaceable within the blockchain which permits flexibility. This includes networking, consensus, storage, and algorithmic modules. NULS can be arranged as a private or public chain enabling companies the opportunity to replace these built-in modules with suitable applications.

Sustainable improvement

Technology advances very quickly. So, as mentioned before, the modularization feature ensures that all modules are replaceable by the user’s favored implementation.

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