Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital (est. 2003) is a -based investment firm focused on blockchain technologies. Pantera announced in March 2014 that it had shifted its focus to bitcoin and other digital currencies, having previously been primarily working with global macro hedge-fund investments.

Pantera’s portfolio investments include bitcoin services provider BitPesa, exchange platform Bitstamp, BitPagos Inc., 21 Inc., Ripio Credit Network, ChangeTip, Circle and Xapo.

In 2014, Pantera announced a partnership with , and Ribbit Capital to create a shared bitcoin investment fund led by Pantera, Pantera Bitcoin Partners. Of the deal, CEO Morehead said, “We believe Bitcoin is at an inflection point, making it the right time for a transition to more institutional management.” The partnership was said to indicate “a significant step in the push to move Bitcoin into the financial mainstream.” In the same month Pantera raised $5 million in video streaming token pre-sale.

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