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Pepo is the new social app where the people shaping the crypto movement are coming together, making short videos, and rewarding each other with tokens of appreciation. Authors of the app are Jason Goldberg, Francesco Pacella, Sunil Khedar, and Benjamin Bollen.

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About Pepo

Pepo is all about people. Communities of people sharing ideas and working toward common goals are what make every achievement possible. This is just as true for crypto as anything else — even though blockchain technology is designed in many ways to eliminate human subjectivity and error. The movement is made up of human beings.

Pepo is the first crypto-powered app to be approved by Apple with in-app purchases and cash-out options. Working with leading lawyers the team carefully designed and architected a solution that is regulatory, finCEN, and Apple compliant. Navigating the regulatory waters and meeting Apple’s standards was challenging for sure.

Pepo is built around a simple concept: great work should be rewarded. This idea is at the heart of Web3, the upcoming generation of people-centric Internet platforms Pepo is committed to helping grow. Web1 missed the chance to establish a basic funding layer, and Web2 designed business models that hoard revenue away from creators. Now it is possible200px| to ensure makers finally earn fair rewards. The blockchain technology underlying Pepo makes this possible through the sharing of tokens.

The tokens that people exchange on Pepo to reward each other and show their appreciation can be used for a variety of in-app uses, such as appreciation, signaling, curation, and personalization. And if people want to cash-out outside the app, they can simply cash them out for credits to use in their favorite real-world stores. So makers can look forward to real rewards using Pepo, whether buying a book on Amazon or ordering lunch on UberEats.

Pepo was created by the team behind the Open Simple Token technology. OST is a layer-2 application development platform and scaling solution on top of Ethereum that makes it easy to build apps with seamlessly integrated micro-transactions. For those who are unfamiliar with “layer-2” — it’s the application layer that enables distributed applications to scale to serve mainstream use cases.

OST provides the industry’s first embeddable Ethereum wallet SDK and is carefully designed to be easily used within mainstream consumer apps.

Whether you’re a crypto maker, developer, podcaster, analyst, blogger, or enthusiast, there’s never been an easier way to showcase your work, earn appreciation, and connect with the community.

  • Meet the people shaping the crypto movement
  • Exclusive video updates, straight from the source
  • Be the first to know about news and project updates
  • Collect more than just likes
  • Create your own videos

Pepo Team

Jason Goldberg is CEO of both OST and Pepo, and has been building user experiences for creators and communities for decades. In the late 1990s, Jason worked at AOL on chat rooms, in the 2000s on Jobster and Social Median, and more recently he connected designers at Hem and Fab.

One of Pepo’s co-founders, Benjamin Bollen, was a lead developer at Hyperledger Burrow, Monax, and Maidsafe. The OST 50-person technology team has been developing the technology to enable apps like Pepo since 2016. The Ost technology is open-sourced for anyone to use.

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