Product Protocol

Product Protocol is an open source protocol for crowdfunding/crowdlending campaigns based on digital assets issuing, integration with all business processes, funds management and financial operations.



Product Protocol is focused on creating a platform that allows an entrepreneur to tokenize their assets and raise funds for scaling.

Companies on Product Protocol can scale further than ever before. A universal token for the tokenization of any assets allows you to instantly create a digital asset and a decentralized market will enable people from all over the world to purchase it.

Components and features

Product Protocol is a real project that utilized all the advantages of new technologies for real world application not in a distant future, but here and now. As a platform Product Protocol contains the following components and features:

  • Smart ID (User identification and authentication system that allows users to register their identity);
  • Decentralized Product Exchange (DPE);
  • Decentralized Marketplace;
  • Token-Curated Registries (Token-curated registries (TCR) are cryptosystems, which are increasingly utilized to solve various problems);
  • Voting;
  • And many more.

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