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ProjecEreum Tokens ICO
Ticker: PJR
ICO start: 2018-03-11 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-04 00:00:00
Price: 1 PJR = 1 USD
Tokens: 72,000,000 PJR
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 72,000,000 USD
Softcap: 12,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 60%
Minimum: 0.1 ETH
Accepting: ETH, BTC

ProjectEreum – Is a unique solution for investors, start-up companies and enterprenuers with new business ideas. Their specialists carefully pick and analyze start-ups to work with & follow them on every step to ensure your investment is secure. Beyond Tokens, Trades and Speculations we are investing in real people around the globe. Be part of something big and become an owner of different businesses around the world.

Project Coin – Token For Business It is a utility token created on Ethereum blockchain, moreover with an integrated solicitor contract and non-disclosure agreements within the code, our investors and business idea holders will have absolute security and safety regarding their investments. This Token holds real value in the industry. Using our Token, investor will be able to obtain business shares of different companies or buy start-up ideas around the world. Additionally, our Decentralized Business Investment Platform allows the tokens circulating between the digital world of investment and the real world, to result in a non-stop token circulation within blockchain. The Value of token rises significantly after each transaction is made.



They provide liquidity of cryptocurrencies in real life on a huge scale, on a governmental level. ProjectEreum – Is a unique solution for investors, startup companies, and entrepreneurs. Beyond Tokens, Trades, and Speculations we are investing in real people around the globe and backing our new cryptocurrency with investment. A Global Investment Solutions /A platform for entrepreneurs and investors. Where digital money is the instrument of investments into the real world.
The platform allows transactions to be made between investors and entrepreneurs themselves, therefore we participate as a connecting factor for these people. Decentralized Business Investment Platform allows the tokens circulating between the digital world and the real world, to result in a non-stop token circulation within blockchain. The Value of token rises significantly after each transaction is made. In order to access and use this platform, persons have to be holders of our Tokens.
What Problems do we solve?
Their project solves real problems of blockchain and its users so our token which constantly is being updated and improved could give great profits for investors. 
1. Digital cryptocurrency holders can now invest their cryptocurrency funds and assets in the real world.
 2. Young entrepreneurs around the world can now receive funding for their startups or business ideas.
3. Governments of each country we do the investment in, are benefiting due to the creation of new jobs, new taxpayers, as well as our platform, brings back the money from blockchain to the real world. (That’s what governments are trying to do at the moment with new regulatory laws)
WHats the business model? 
To begin with, we are at ICO stage at the moment. As an IT start-up company, Their business model starts with raising funds for our project. Furthermore, connecting both, blockchain industry and real-life assets/investments allows us to create value. 
These are few sectors we are looking in to gain profit and execute our project
 1. Cryptocurrency exchanges – entering few major exchanges would boost the volume of the company, as well as gain more customers and clients, which again would increase the price of tokens as well as the value of the company. 
2. Peer to peer currency – to finalize the project, we want to have independent digital currency specialized for business and investment use, in this case, we control our price as service and our plan is to get our company on IPO in 2-3 years.
 3. Additionally, we are creating new businesses, jobs, and new taxpayers for countries around the world. They provide invest,ent solution on governmental level.
 What is your revenue model?
They have created a new algorithm for our unique business model, where using blockchain, its financial instrument tokens, we now can obtain up to 130 % of any investment is done through our platform. (in simple words, imagine if A-wants to cashout/invest 10millionUSD in BTC —— B then wants to build 5star hotel for 10 million USD, after the transaction is done and deal is confirmed – our unique business platform generates revenue120% to 130 %, meaning that we would have 12million USD back in our company. 
Moreover, % made through these streams are part of the revenue model of Projectereum ltd
-Percentages made using partnership companies and providing clients for them
 -royalties of investments realized in real life
– token sales and an increase of the value of tokens
WHats new and unique within your project? 
-Integrated Notary Contracts Every investment made towards real-life start-ups gets physically signed and stamped by an official notary and we then save additional contracts in physical escrow bank safe. -Token Circulation and transaction model for revenue. 
-Th transaction algorithm together with our model is something new, unique, however, at the same time very transparent and easy to understand. This is something we can provide only for potential investors, under some protection or nondisclosure agreement.


Q1 2018 : Project start-up Product conception System architecture development
Q1 March 2018 : Token Sale (ICO)
Q2 2018 : Partnership with new investors
Q3 2018 : Test environment launch for online payment system and wallets
Q4 2018 : Launch world’s 1st Business Decentralized investment platform
Q1 2019 : Entering major exchange markets
Q2 2019 : Start investing in new business ideas around the world
Q3 2019 : Team expansion & physical offices in major world cities
Q4 2019 : We are waiting for new ideas to come[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Gregory Drew Gordon Graphic designs and Networking Gregory Drew Gordon photo 3.3
Artis Spades CEO /co-founder Artis Spades photo 3.3
Zane Zonne Social media and Business Management Zane Zonne photo 3.3
Reinis Creed main IT (anclaren ltd) Reinis Creed photo 3.3
Ansis Hermansos Networking (clients + investors) Ansis Hermansos photo 3.3
Chelsey Rains Sales And MArketing Chelsey Rains photo 3.3
David McDonald Sales And Marketing David McDonald photo 3.3
Jessica Shearer Project Management / Business Development Jessica Shearer photo 3.3
Hayley Light Project Management / Business Development Hayley Light photo 3.3
Nathan McPhee MArketing / Team coaching and sales Nathan McPhee photo 3.3
Amy MCDermott Strategic Business Planning Amy MCDermott photo 3.3
Roberts STanevics Bussiness development executive Advisor Roberts STanevics photo 3.3
Ricards Kokcers Sales and MArketing Advisor Ricards Kokcers photo 3.3
Denis Dendas Financial advisor (investors preparation/advisory board) Advisor Denis Dendas photo 3.3
David Kokoev Lv Branding (networking, marketing, sales communication) Advisor David Kokoev Lv photo 3.3
Kent Kruusmaa Advisory board Advisor Kent Kruusmaa photo 3.3
Ricardo Rodriguez Advisory Board and Networking Advisory Board Advisor Ricardo Rodriguez photo 3.3

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