Prosume is a blockchain-based platform that guarantees an autonomous place that will permit users to exchange different energy sources, promoting and accelerating new energy community models.

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ICO start date: 2017-11-06


The products that will be offered by the project’s team include:- Crypto-equity for renewable energy projectsWith this platform prosumers are incentivized to donate in a specific wallet becoming co-owners of renewable energy plants and storage assets owned by the community. – P2P energy exchange platformThis platform provides users with a simplified payment method to pay energy with different tools and coins, receiving a direct benefit on transaction costs and data forecasts.- Smart community energy aggregator developmentThis Platform will empower people to participate to specific aggregator requests of energy demands, where the consumers choose different energy sources.- Smart metering / billing / energy . – Electric vehicle platformThis platform enables electric vehicles management, data collection, identity management in a fast and reliable way, empowering electric vehicle rentals with energy barter systems.- Storage + Transmission exchange With the use of storage systems and blockchain technology it is possible to forecast and manage load balancing in a more profitable way. – Trading and Managing oil and gas assets with blockchain technology

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Project website