Pura is a digital currency created to send transactions privately and instantly. The network is decentralized, self-funded and self-managed. The strategy of the developers is based on the concept of “mass acceptance” of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies as the main means of payment. PURA can be bought, mined or rewarded for the work of masternode.



Pura is based on Dash open-source code. Developers created a two-level network with rewarded masternodes, improved privacy features and increased transaction speed.

A team of more than 20 specialists in various fields is working on the project. They are headed by:

Vincent Fullerton, a leading developer in the field of AI, blockchain and payment solutions; Richie Mulhollem, a leading AI developer, blockchain programmer and user experience expert; Nilo Ampuan, a safety specialist; Dan Gross, a P2P programmer, developer of custom applications.

PURA cryptocurrency

The maximum number of PURA coins is limited to 350 million, today more than 50% is extracted — 180 million in turnover, the remaining coins are blocked on the accounts of masternodes. As of mid-May 2018, the cost of 1 PURA has decreased by almost 6 times, to 0.1 USD, the market capitalization of the project is 17.6 million USD.


The Pura cryptocurrency uses the X11 mining algorithm, which assumes 11 different hashing functions to prove the work (Proof-of-Work). This system of algorithms was first used in the Dash network to protect against ASICs — the CPU performs serial hashing with the same performance as the GPU, but consumes 30-40% less power and requires less resources for heat. X11 significantly reduces the cost of mining and saves the life of computer equipment. To adjust the complexity of the network, DeltaDiff retargeting algorithm is used, according to which it is calculated taking into account the average time for the past 24 hours.

At this stage, the amount of reward for the found block is 25.16 PURA, of which miners receive only 40%. The time of the block is 1.5-4 minutes. To increase the profitability of mining, users need to connect to one of the Pura pools:

Programs to configure:

  • NVidia-ccminer;
  • AMD — sgminer;
  • CPU xcoin-miner.

Where to buy

PURA can be bought on several exchanges: 85% of the daily trading volume on the currency pair has PURA/BTC on , the remaining 15% — KuCoin, Cryptopia, C-CEX.

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