Quantopia Capital Managers aims to flip the hedge fund wealth management industry on its head by allowing anyone to invest in a portfolio manager no matter what their net worth or income is.

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ICO start date: 2017-09-29


Quantopia provides a platform for successful traders and investors to invest capital for the general public. Managers that have a documented successful history of generating profitable returns can sign up to be on the Quantopia Network. After the rigorous audit to ensure the credibility of their returns, their portfolio is listed on the Quantopia Network for the public to start investing in. QUANT is the root currency that the Quantopia Network will operate on and the initial way that investors on the Network can invest in managers.

More information in the project whitepaper: [file:///C:/Users/PC0009/Downloads/Quantopia%20Network%20White%20Paper%20Ver.%201.42.pdf file:///C:/Users/PC0009/Downloads/Quantopia%20Network%20White%20Paper%20Ver.%201.42.pdf]

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Project website