Resto Loyalty Platform

Resto Loyalty Platform is a global loyalty platform for foodservice establishments based on the blockchain technology. The Platform offers a 4-pack solution to the broad spectre of problems experienced in the foodservice industry by consumers and operators alike. It includes multipurpose customizable loyalty program with exclusive marketing tools, user-friendly CRM system, all-in-one app for payments with advantageous cashback and reliable feedback service.


Market environment

Market forecast

The global foodservice market has shown strong growth over the last ten years and this is expected to continue. The industry total revenues came to $3,628.6bn in 2016, projected to display a CAGR of 7.01 % during 2017 – 2022. Last years foodservice trends to partially replace comparison retail adding a social constituent to physical shopping experience. With an increase in the quantity and variety of competing restaurants, providing a personalized experience and maintaining customer loyalty will become more and more difficult.

Technology is going to be the solution for consumers and operators to adopt new ways of engaging with each other. The convenience of online ordering, online payments and digital loyalty reward programs are projected to change the foodservice industry.

Market problems

Yet, most foodservice operators in the world still aren’t on board with loyalty. For an individual cafe or restaurant designing a loyalty program takes a large human resource and involves considerable expenditures. Even for full-scale food chains development and maintenance of worthwhile loyalty programs is complicated enough. To succeed they have to ensure their loyalty program offers something of value to both the company and its customers.

Small business problems

  • Lack of human resources (marketing experts, IT specialists, etc.) and thus the lack of concept understanding;
  • Lack of a CRM system and thus a lack of information on business process effectiveness for making informed decisions;
  • Lack of available tools to generate average spending increase and attraction of new consumers.

Food chains problems

  • Loyalty programs often do not offer any notable information about each customer;
  • It takes costly market research to collect data to match the targeted audience demand;
  • There is no review system transparent enough to get insightful feedback;
  • Special offers aimed on established consumers do not attract new consumers;
  • There is no existing database of the potential consumers in the area;
  • There is no way to cover a large audience without a huge marketing budget;
  • Opening of new outlets requires a considerable marketing budget.

Customer problems

  • An abundance of existing loyalty programs with varying degrees of quality;
  • Lack of a system that allows consumers to browse and review foodservice operators;
  • Common offers generally do not match customers’ personal tastes;
  • Little perceived savings in most program offers.

Resto Products

As a response to the current market needs Resto has elaborated the 4-pack Resto Loyalty Platform. The Platform aims to integrate foodservice loyalty programs around the world. The integrated Platform will allow small and medium foodservice businesses to launch their own loyalty programs without much resource involved and to advertise their campaigns effectively. For the customer the Platform allows getting attractive and fair offers instead of annoyingly irrelevant ones. Moreover, the Platform gives a general currency to visit any foodservice operator participating in Resto anywhere in the world with cashback guarantee.

Resto Loyalty Platform

Resto Loyalty Platform as a product is a multipurpose customizable loyalty program. While joining Resto each foodservice operator gets the Resto Pack and receives free access to all the Platform services. The main advantages he acquires are:

  • Easy design and administration allowing operators to create their own loyalty programs;
  • New marketing tools due to the unique opportunity afforded by coin movement analysis.

All it takes to create and launch a loyalty program is just completing a profile. Each foodservice operator makes several settings offered by the platform — including a percentage share of each bill that will be accrued to his customer with each cash or card payment. The RLP settings won’t let any operator cheat on customers and his final offer will be fair and advantageous.

Each operator gets access to their target audience — a superior customer database. The loyalty program gathers and aggregates information about each customer’s preferences. It assigns him or her a personal ID and continues to monitor them further. As more customers are integrated into the system, the database expands. It allows each restaurant to advertise their campaigns effectively, targeting customers according to their personal tastes, average amount spent, geolocation etc.

Filling the gap in small business marketing opportunities with superior customer targeting and coverage solutions, Resto has uncovered the best alternative to digital and offline ad. Maximized personalization and cross-functionality of the marketing platform enable an operator to hold the most effective campaigns that receive a positive response due to appealing directly to his core audience.

Resto CRM

Resto CRM is a business process management software for small and medium businesses to control their business effectiveness and automate a number of back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Resto Wallet

Resto Wallet is an app (Android, iOS) for the Resto Loyalty Program. The app allows users to access all the services of Resto Loyalty Platform. Here one can get bonus RestoTokens from partner companies, can acquire tokens or even transfer them to other Platform users. RestoTokens are used for all transactions to reduce transaction expenses. RestoTokens can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Conventional loyalty program apps are often awkward and poorly adapted for use. Resto Wallet takes advantage of the QR-code function to make transactions more user-friendly than ever before. Each foodservice operator generates unique QR codes that can be scanned with the app. Bonus RestoTokens are accrued to the user account just a few minutes after the QR-code is scanned.

Since transactions are verified by the Ethereum network, Resto Loyalty Platform can guarantee transaction security accordingly without any intermediums or centralized server engagement. Using RLP both Guests and foodservice operators are protected under mutual supervision that makes fraud from both sides impossible.

Resto Reviews

Resto Reviews is a unique feedback service allowing only real consumers to submit a review of a foodservice operator. Reviews and ratings according to standard restaurant characteristics are going to be proven by the personal sales ticket.

Resto Reviews offers honest feedback from the real consumers that have visited the outlet. For additional motivation of users’ activity Resto Reviews provides bonus tokens for submitting a review for an operator.

The built-in Guide for review management helps to work off negative feedbacks, accrue bonuses and build up customers’ loyalty in just a few clicks. The Platform is extremely simple, allowing small businesses take pleasure in communicating with customers and make ratings grow to attract more potential consumers.Advanced statistics with breakdown by business units, products, average bill etc. help to provide conclusive summaries without costly research.

Resto Token

RestoToken is an ERC20 utility token, that is used for all the transactions within the Resto Loyalty Platform.

Business model

Resto Loyalty Platform involves multiple ways of monetization:

  • Recurring fees for Resto CRM usage;
  • Business owner commission fee;
  • Commission fee for payment processing;
  • Targeted ad campaigns by business owners;
  • Top listing for business owners.

Reasonable fees would not overtax a business affecting the Platform income in a cumulative way. As the number of participants in the Resto program increase, the sum of commission fees will grow exponentially forming a significant monthly passive income for the Resto Platform. Resto marketing tools are projected to become a strong source of income due to the uniformity, enormous potential and market needs correspondence.


Q4 2017

Idea inception and development
Research of needs of small business foodservice operators
Performance analysis for foodservice offline and online ad campaigns

Q1 2018

Project architecture development
Brand development
Marketing infrastructure development

Q2 2018

Prototype development (concept design)
Business model development
Foodservice market analysis

Q3 2018

ICO project development
Private & Public PreSale
Investor recruitment

Q4 2018

Private & Public Sale

Q1 2019

RestoLP Beta-release
Resto CRM Beta-release
RestoLP Marketing Pack Beta-release

Q2 2019

Integration with major CRM platforms of ASIA PACIFIC region
Launch of ASIA PACIFIC branches
Resto Wallet App Beta-release (Android, iOS)

Q3 2019

Resto Loyalty Platform Release
Resto CRM Release
Resto Wallet App Release
Retail and chain foodservice outlets onboarding (ASIA PACIFIC)

Q4 2019

Digital Ad Promotion Resto Wallet
Digital Ad Promotion Resto CRM
Digital Ad Promotion RestoLP
RestoLP PR campaign

5% of retail foodservice outlets in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC capitals accept Resto Token

Q1 2020

Resto Wallet MAU total is about 200K+ in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC
5K+ retail foodservice outlets accept Resto Token in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC

Integration with the major CRM platforms in EUROPE

Q2 2020

Resto Reviews Beta-release

Resto Wallet MAU total is about 800K+ in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC
20K+ retail foodservice outlets accept RestoToken in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC

Q3 2020

Launch of sales offices in 3 largest cities of India, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea

Resto Wallet MAU total is about 3M+ in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC
80K+ retail foodservice outlets accept RestoToken in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC

Breakeven Point

Q4 2020

Resto Wallet MAU total is about 14M+ in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC
350K+ retail foodservice outlets accept RestoToken in TOP 7* ASIA PACIFIC

Launch of ad campaigns by foodservice outlet owners

*TOP 7 ASIA PACIFIC countries:
South Korea


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