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ICO Start Date: 2017-10-04



ROSECOIN is a boutique cryptocurrency launched in support of the entertainment project ROSECODE: an interactive cyberpunk thriller. ROSECODE is an Open Franchise for Creators, meaning that once specific benchmarks are met, anyone will be free to create their own games, stories, comics, and movies based on the characters and universe of ROSECODE. This is strikingly different from the typical entertainment industry business model where intellectual property rights are zealously guarded and corporations end up controlling most of the derivative works stemming from an author’s original vision. As such, the project demanded a different funding model and its creators decided to explore the option of an ICO. ROSECOIN is designed as a way to raise funds for the next phase of the project’s development and also to compensate contributors.


ROSECOIN was created by Black Cat Productions, a semi-anonymous group of artists, writers, and programmers. Future enhancements are planned, such as a fountain feature: utilizing opt-in client-side mining so that host and visitor both receive a share of coin. The overall goal of the project is to create a compelling story and create a “repo for artists” — an environment where programmers, artists, and writers can work together to build future forks and narratives.

ROSECOIN uses the Omni Wallet protocol. The currency was created on September 12, 2017, with a total quantity of 80,000 tokens. Its Initial Coin Offering launched October 4, 2017 and closed November 2, 2017.


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