Sandblock is a platform designed to satisfy any desire of the client by creating good bonus offers. Each user will be able to spend all their earned bonuses to any seller he prefers.



This system works on the principle that each company can give some bonuses to its customers in the form of cryptocurrency. The platform consists of three very important attributes:

  • companies, brands, trademarks, which act as sellers in the market;
  • buyers;
  • other entities, including marketing agencies.

Sandblock creates a place where every loyal customer will be rewarded. Many projects have the opportunity to create their own cryptocurrency, taking the basis of Satisfaction Token.


The main advantage of the project is full openness to each client and the inability to fake rules. The project is built on a blockchain system, and thanks to this all transactions are made automatically. Any company tokens can be easily exchanged for SAT tokens for the purpose of withdrawing funds or buying in other brands. If the client has received bonus points from one project or program, he can easily convert them and use them in another resource, and the commission will be minimal. To make this process a reality, more work needs to be done:

  • applications for mobile phones under several operating systems;
  • a special panel with tools on the desktop;
  • a website that can be used by sellers and customers;
  • in the future, a plan for the development of plug-ins that can work with e-commerce.


Token SAT is based on Ethereum blockchain. The total amount of tokens is 55 million units. Only half was put up for sale. Tokens that are not sold will be burned. By connecting to the platform, any seller will be able to create their own cryptocurrency, which will meet its brand. The token will have a unique name, depending on the sellers’ wishes. When creating tokens, users will need to agree and sign a contract, which will specify a fixed price of the token created by the seller. The price of 3000 SAT is approximately 1 ETH.


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