Second Life Coin

Second Life Coin will deliver donations to these people in need without any discrimination of belief, language or race, in a safe manner with the help of its team named Hope Envoys. Hope Envoys will be in regions where the people in need are and will work in coordination with local Non-Governmental Organizations and the countries’ related official institutions.  Thus, the needs of our people will be met a bit and their silent screams will be heard by many more wealthy individuals using social media.


Main Features

Decentralized Fund Collection

People execute financial operations by transferring crypto money. The revenue generated by these financial operations is collected to serve a specific purpose.

Hope Envoys are Ready for Action

Securely collected funds are transmitted to people’s emergency needs via our volunteers named ‘Second Life Envoys’ and nonprofit non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Pure Transparency & Privacy

We report all services and help to all public opinion via our platform and media in a crystal-clear way. In accordance with users’ demands, they can donate additionally to the funds we collected. We promise to keep everything secret and to help people.

Problems & Causes

People-driven causes

  • Poverty & inequality of consumption
  • Epidemic diseases & internal conflicts
  • Wrong economic policy practices of states
  • Colonialism

Environmental causes=

  • The Result of natural disasters
  • Unfavorable climate conditions
  • Lack of water resources


Global Single Platform

With the continuity of funds, “General Donations”, which are evaluated especially in matters of urgent need, are of great importance.  According to the research results of determined Second Life Hope Envoys, people will request help for their region & people and they will reach all kinds of information about the fundraising campaigns we have created.

International Organization Links

Large joint studies will be carried out with international organizations territorially and worldwide in order to find much more permanent and definitive solutions to human-induced problems.  In this way, the source of its problems will be solved and we will provide the potential that people can meet their own needs.

Forecasting, Research & Reporting

Situation anticipation and action reports will be prepared and presented to the people so as to neutralize threatenings such as massive hunger & death that might threaten people’s lives in the future.

Connector Mission & Policy Development Board

Our hope envoys will not only be responsible for establishing contact with charities in their regions and assist human bodies this way, but also contact with their own states’ administrations in order to be an intermediator so that we can advise and guide them for their financial and political development in the matter of eliminating issues.  Within the scope of this matter, we will form a large board specialized in the fields of food, health, & education policies.


Coins distribution

  • 65% Help Pool
  • 15% Team & Ecosystem Developers
  • 5% Marketing & Bounty
  • 4% ICO Sales Program
  • 4% Liquidity Pool
  • 4% Hope Envoys
  • 3% Backup Funds

Fund distribution

52%. Business Development & Aid Transport 20%  Marketing & Promotion 10% Foundation, Law, & Regulations

 8%  Operations & Management  6%. Global Second Life Headquarters  4%. Contingency Reserve[/center] 

ICO sales details

  • Total Coin Supply: 1,264,000,000;
  • Coins Allocated for ICO: 50,560,000;
  • Soft cap: $ 350,000 USD;
  • Hard cap: $ 860,000 USD;
  • Coin Value: 1 SECOND LIFE COIN (SL) = $ 0.02 USD;
  • Pre-ICO dates: 1st May 2019 – 31th Jul 2017;
  • ICO dates: 1st Aug 2019 – 14th Dec 2019;
  • Accepted: BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC, USD.


2018 September-October

Project Idea & Start for Preparation, Draft Works, Problem Detection & Solution Models Worldwide

2018 November-December

Team Building, Strategic Plan, Research Technology to be used

2019 January-February

Private Blockchain Infrastructure, Testing Step, ICO Platform Software

2019 March-April

Official Homepage on air, ICO Platform Completed, Pre-Sales ICO Start (3-month long Pre ICO)

2019 July-August

Public ICO Launch & Advantageous Sales Start, Wallet Prototype MVP Publication, BETA Version, Security Audit, Contracts with Global Aid Agencies

2019 September-October

Optimizing Home Network, Block Explorer Publication, Institutionalization. (Second Life Foundation), Launch & Press Briefing, Team Expansion (Global Developer Participation)

2019 November-December

Headquarters for the Hope Envoys in 35 countries, Project Funding Allocation, Start of helping people in need, Public Tracking Platform for Aid  

2020 January-February

Beta Version 2.0 & Mobile Application, Transition to Convertibility, Build of Global User Substructure, Listings at Exchanges and Coinmarketcap

2020 March-April

Membership Application for International Enterprises:

  • Membership Application for The United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) as Consultant
  • Membership Application for The Humanitarian Forum (THF)
  • Membership Application for The International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)

2020 May-June

Integration of Third Party Auditors, Marketplace Volunteers Module, Integration of Private Chains, Plan for help at Education & Health fields.[/center]

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