The switch to Methanol represents a small, relatively painless and extremely crucial first step in the process of curbing out-of-control CO2 emissions described by Elon Musk. By establishing a demand for Methanol in energy generation, the basic building blocks are put in place for the development of carbon neutral power generation and use. The Silent Ecosystem is built around the production, distribution and utilization of Methanol fuel. By achieving a carbon neutral production, distribution and supply of renewable Methanol within the next decade, Silent aims to become a pioneer in the field of carbon neutral energy. Silent is well positioned to fight the upcoming global shift. With this initial coin offering investors are invited to buy into the monetary and environmental benefits of the future of energy.



Silent-Power (Projects) Ltd. is the company offering this ICO. This business unit will focus on the development, construction and operation of methanol synthesis plants that capture CO2 emissions and bind them in Methanol. The Methanol can then be used for fuel, or a large range of other purposes. The Methanol will be sold through the Econimo network. Company profits will be distributed as rewards to token holders. The initial Methanol synthesis plants will be built to capture CO2 emissions from industry. Following plants will be combined with a variety of CO2 emission sources based on availability and technological compatibility. In addition, the company is researching new technologies for decentralised Methanol synthesis. These will be much smaller sized units that, for example, could be placed in private households to turn solar energy into methanol directly. This would open up new possibilities for owners of such domestic photovoltaic systems to turn surplus power into fuel, storing it for later use. Technologies to capture CO2 directly from clean air are already available today. Imagine heating your house in winter, with your own Methanol produced in summer. Imagine fueling your car with your own fuel, produced on site with solar power harnessed on your roof!

Why an ICO

Methanol synthesis and carbon capture is a booming market, but it is not moving nearly as fast as it could if spurred by adequate investments. A common problem in the market is that despite good certainty for long term profitability, there is a lack of short term certainty. The Silent team has built a solid business case supported by existing sizeable equity fundings of over 34 million CHF. Companies that receive financing through traditional financial markets and instruments are often finding themselves locked into a race for quick payback results. Silent-Power (Projects) Ltd. is working in an industry where a long term view on profits is necessary. Profits are a reality, but the time frame could be difficult to confirm, something which is often a turn-off for short term investors purely chasing after quarterly results. Therefore the company has decided to opt for an ICO to cover the company’s financing needs through a tokenized investment. In addition, Silent seeks to give a stake in the future of energy supply to as many people as possible. This topic is, and will remain, an important aspect of our modern societies.

Silent Token

By participating in the Silent ICO, an investor invests in Silent to further build up the Methanol economy by launching new Methanol Synthesis Plants and pushing Research and Development of proprietary technologies, in order to provide much smaller MSPs to the mass market of private households. Holding the Silent token gives the holder an attractive share in the ecosystem and the future of Silent: – The Silent company distributes 82% of EBIT among the token holders* – In the case of an acquisition of Silent by another company (exit by trade-sale), 35% of the total acquisition price will be distributed among the token holders*

  • Treasury tokens held by the company are not eligible to participate in these profits. Excluded are profits from the current and future Token sales.

The Token Sale

Token Information Silent
Silent Token SLNT
Platform Ethereum
Token Standard ERC-20
Total supply 500,000,000 SLNT
Hard cap CHF 28,000,000
Soft cap CHF 3,000,000
Exchange rate CHF 0.15 = 1 SLNT
Min. purchase 1 ETH
Restrictions U.S. citizens & residents, China (see disclaimer)
Unsold tokens Go to treasury to be sold at a later date
Discount Structure up to: 50% during Private sale, 25% during Pre-sale

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