Smart Refinery Technologies Group

Smart Refinery Technologies Group, the developer of innovative technical solutions and equipment for the production of automobile fuels is creating the world’s first blockchain platform for the oil refining industry.

Project goal: revolutionary technology services launching in the global fuel market, size of which is more than $ 5 trillion US dollars. Services will be based on blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Smart Refinery Technologies is an all-up business process support platform, from production to selling fuel to consumers:

Eco-friendly EURO-5 class fuel production management based on manufacturing modules of SRT Group.

Trading based on decentralised fuel exchange with smart contracts-based payments.

Pay fuel with cryptocurrency – fuel cards with cryptocurrency wallets integration gives an opportunity to pay fuel at petrol stations with cryptocurrency.

Platform advantages: Fuel exchange and production business processes autimation based on based on blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies

Integration with industrial protocols of IIoT for ma complexes, logistics depots, payment terminals.

P2P payments and smart-contracts support.

High speed of transactions and a possibility to process more than 100,000 transactions per second.

Low commissions – now more that $0,001 for transaction.

Fuel trading convenient instrument for small and medium-sized businesses.

Project tokens: SRT-Coin – utility-token platform is a standard for trade commissions payments, royalties and payments for transactions within the network. The ERC-20 token standard will allow to use the existing Ethereum network infrastructure for storing tokens and conducting transactions. The issue of tokens is limited – 100.000.000 SRT-Coin. “Payment for commissions” tokens burning program will be implemented.

Team SRT consists of professionals: in the field of scientific research, blockchain developers, oil market experts. In SRT team there are 2 current professors, 4 doctors and Ph.D., professional managers with experience in world TOP-10 oil companies.

The global increase in demand for fuel exceeds 5,000,000 tons annually. The market craves for innovative solutions to meet this demand. Join the blockchain revolution in the fuel business!

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