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The Smartlands platform is a fintech company that provides development of the assets in the agriculture industry. The Smartlands platform aims to stimulate a development for all the types and sizes of farms around the world by placing agricultural assets on the blockchain. The company is a London-based venture, currently managed by its CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda. It also has an office in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Smartlands Review

Smartlands (SLT) is a token for the Smartlands blockchain. However, Smartlands also allows its customers (corporate bodies) to launch the tokens of their own through an ICO via the Smartlands network. An agricultural company is able participate in the digital currency market by selling tokens representing a share of the company’s assets. The aim of the company is to provide smaller participants of the agricultural market with an opportunity to develop low-volatile and long-term liquid tokenized securities. The company plans to provide its customers with the assets compatible with a legal framework of the countries they work in.

According to the company’s white paper, the Smartlands team sees tokenized assets as the best and most promising way of funding. Security tokens, especially when backed by some real-life asset (farm’s share in the case of the Smartlands project) provide a number of prominent advantages:

  • Fractional ownership provides investors with the opportunity of an ownership of multiple assets, helping with diversifying risks.
  • Security tokens are easier to exchange making the assets more liquid
  • Technological solutions help to provide any token with a pre-programmed framework of possible implementations, helping with its control and distribution
  • Blockchain-based network for security tokens reduces the need to use intermediaries which helps to decrease the size of fees and other expenses


Generally, Smartlands has two types of tokens. The first one is its native currency – Smartlands coin (SLT) and the other one is all the other tokens, that are produced for the customers by the Smartlands project.

Smartlands token

Smartlands token (SLT) is a ERC-20 standard-based token, native to the Smarlands blockchain. Its total supply is a little over 7,1 billion tokens. 5,1 million Smartlands tokens are circulating, other 2 million are in lock-down periods. 50% of total number was sold via crowdsale to initial investors. 20% were provided to the key stakeholders and early adopters. Another 20% were provided to the project for the development expenses and 10% are utilized as a compensation for the pre-crowdsale preparations.

Smartlands (SLT) price online via COIN360:

Most of the SLT’s circulating supply (92%) is accumulated on the Exrates cryptocurrency exchange. Around 8% of all tokens are exchange via Stellarport and Stellar Decentralized Exchange.

Tokenized securities

Besides the development of tokens for agriculture-based firms, Smartlands also provides tokenized assets in such industries as manufacturing, private shares and real estate. Tokens that are developed for a company working in a certain industry differ from each other in backing, expected return, sources of cash flows and applied technologies. For example, agriculture-based tokenized assets are backed by 1 square meter of sweet cherry orchard each and one token of commercial real estate is backed by 0.001 square meter of commercial property. Companies that intend to tokenize their assets should make a presentation, provide recent business-plan, offer probable prospects of income growth and have a capital to develop improve the current condition of business process.


Smartlands Wallet is used to work with both types of Smarlands tokens. It offers balance control, transactions sending and receiving, token issuance and trading. It can be used with Ledger Nano S via the Stellar application or via its Web interface. The wallet is Stellar-based and developed with the Stellar Development Kit (Stellar SDK) and offers users to see their balance in XLM.


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