What is Sportcash One

Sportcashone is a platform for the Sports Industry with safe transactions secured by a blockchain system. We will have a Multivendor shop, Social Network, Loyalty Program, and Crowdfunding solution. These elements are the foundation for our ecosystem, where brands, shops, customers and athletes can participate together in our programs. Companies can use our Loyalty Program to reward their customers and sell more products. The customers earn coins as they create and share media on our Social Network, or make purchases through our Loyalty Programs. Customers can use their coins towards rewards, discounts or take advantage of special deals. Our Customer Loyalty Program combined with Blockchain provides inexpensive and fast transfers between clients and companies on our network. Sportcash One Coins ($SCOne) are in a central position, connecting all participants.

Sportcash One Products and Headlines:

– Official registered company in Brazil
– Stabletoken pegged to the Euro 1:1 (Following Brazilian inflation, the minimum price will be corrected every 6 months)
– Social Platform
– Payment program (E-commerce plugins for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc)
– Loyalty Program (customer rewards)
– Token as a Service (tokenize clubs)
– Custom Wallet
– Online Magazine
– Blockchain Multivendor Marketplace
– running on the Wavesplatform

ICO Dates:

Private sale start: May 1 2019
Private sale end: May 31 2019
Pre-ICO start date: June 1 2019
Pre-ICO end date: June 30 2019
Public-ICO start date: July 1 2019
Public-ICO end date: July 31 2019

Price = €1.00
Total supply = 10.000.000,000

total initial valuation = €10.000.000,000
(Price * total supply = total initial valuation)

Start Bonus private round = 25%
Start Bonus Pre-ICO round = 10%
Start Bonus Public-ICO round = 5%

Tokens for sale in private round = 2.500.000,000 (€1.875.000,00)
0.75 Euro =1 SportcashOne token($SCONE)

Tokens for sale in pre round = 2.000.000,000 (€1.800.000,00)
0.90Euro = 1 SportcashOne token($SCONE)

Tokens for sale in public round = 1.400.000,000 (€1.330.000,00)
0.95 Euro = 1 SportcashOne token($SCONE)[/size]

Sportcash One Team:

Sportcash One Documents:

Project Headlines –
Whitepaper –

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We are sure Sportcash One will make the whole sports industry a better place.
Where Supporters, Athletes, and Schools can enjoy better funding for their passion and the Brands, Shops and Clubs will have the ability to have their fan community closer and more engaged resulting in a better and more

profitable experience.