Starchain (STC)

Starchain (STC) is an entertainment blockchain platform, the goal of which is to gather authors, musicians, filmmakers, production companies and fans in one ecosystem. The network will integrate the copyrights, developers and traders to create an exchange of the intellectual property assets, where all users can trade and invest.



The StarChain Project was launched in December 2017. The investors became Chinese funds Rongchuang invetment Kaipainet, Qianhai Huichao and Yi Sheng Sheng. The test of blockchain took place in the first quarter of 2018, in the second quarter the main line will be launched. In the third quarter, the StarChain app will appear and at the end of 2018, the system will become… The blockchain of StarChain will be launched in the first quarter of 2019; the commercial use is planned for the third quarter, while the loyal community shall appear in the fourth quarter.

The StarChain team presents one of the oldest companies in the entertainment industry in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Liang Yiu, the CEO of the company, is an authoritative public character in China and a counselor of many investment foundations in Canada. The company deals with many lines from the filmmaking to teaching the actors, and has released 332 movies in China and abroad.

The listing of StarChain, as of the end of April, is being lead on the crypto-exchange OKEx since January 20th, 2018. From $0,169820, the token’s rate went down until the middle of March, but from April 22nd, it went up and as of April 26th, it makes out $0,082146.

At the beginning of April, the StarChain Team announced the closed sale of a part of tokens on the threshold of the token’s listings on the crypto-exchanges Bitrrex and Binance at the prices 0,01 ETH = 330 STC, 0,1 ETH = 3000 STC, 1 ETH = 30000 STC.

Technical characteristics of the coin

StarChain is developed on the basis of the MaxtriChain design – the blockchain developed by the Yishu team and tooled for the protection of copyrights, data storage and knowledge distribution.

StarChain is based on the algorithm Delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS). The consensus idea lies in the fact that the blockchain users elect a trust manager by means of a voting, who forms a new block. Following the results of the voting, a block of 101 managers is formed. After the completion of the mining cycle from 101 blocks, all elected managers become candidates again, and a new voting happens.

The StarChain platform has a scalable architecture, where the users will be able to develop decentralized apps by their own and then realize their copyright objects.

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