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<!–T:1–> The human reputation platform. Changing the reputation system forever.

Name Starrie
ID BTfuGGoeA934Ta1fgcehQ5UhbHuWKj4don64ZNBuMT38
Reissuable yes
Description /
Supply 210,000
Creator 3P8geFfLLFEeigeacYXTtTbmyj2CAxyKmja
Decimals 8

== What is Starrie ($STAR)? == <!–T:2–>

<!–T:3–> Starrie ($STAR) is one of the two tokens that make the Starrie reputation platform work. A starrie is the atomic unit of the Starrie reputation system. The purpose of a starrie is to serve those people who want to transfer financial value, endorsement and feelings of encouragement, and help the receivers stand out for the things they want to be recognized for. Starrie is targeted both to third party developers who need a reputation system for their apps, and to a mainstream audience through the Starrie Wallet.

== Distribution == <!–T:4–> Starrie is having minimal but frequent airdrops which are rewarding the holders of the best Waves projects. This is line with the mission of rewarding the best people and teams. Starries are being also distributed worldwide in a physical format called Starrie gift cards.

== External link == <!–T:5–> Official Starrie website

<!–T:6–> Official Starrie Blog

<!–T:7–> Wiki soon to be launched </translate>


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