Status (SNT) is a cryptocurrency and an open source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Status is a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralised world. Status is an open source messaging platform and web 3.0 browser, designed to interact with Ethereum dapps. Built using decentralized technologies, Status targets the emerging decentralized web. In an ecosystem of decentralized applications, Status wants to act as a gateway for peer-to-peer payments, and encrypted p2p communication for anyone with a smartphone and internet access.

The Status ICO started in June 2017.


Status is a free and open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS devices. It is built entirely on Ethereum technologies. With Status users should be able to send and receive encrypted messages, engage in smart contracts, and payments. On top users will be able to store and control crypto-assets with the built-in Status Wallet.

The Status Network

The Status Network is open source and free; everyone is encouraged to help build the future of the platform and the decentralized apps that run in its ecosystem.

The Status Network Token (SNT)

The Status Network Token is a modular utility token that fuels the network. By default, Status is free to use and communicate with, but you need SNT to access certain features of the Status Mobile Ethereum Client.

This coin, which is technically referred to as the Status Network Token (SNT), is the official cryptocurrency of a soon-to-be-released smartphone app called – you guessed it – “Status.” The platform was built on top of the Ethereum network and allows its users to do some cool stuff.

This app will be a number of things, including:What is the Status coin all about

  • A decentralized messaging app, like WhatsApp
  • But you can also send cryptocurrency instantly via the app, specifically Ethereum tokens – called ERC20 tokens
  • It’s a decentralized web browser too
  • You can browse through Ethereum dApps, like Ardor, via this app – and interact with all of them through a single portal
  • It will also work as a cryptocurrency wallet

Status (SNT) Price

The live Status (SNT) price is available on COIN360 widget:

Status Usernames

On Status, users are currently identified by a SECP256k1 public key. The team is now working with Nick Johnson, co-creator of the Etherenum Name Service, to create a username-to-SECP256k1 public key resolver on the Etherenum Name Service that allows stakeholders to register usernames on the application.

To eliminate spam accounts, Status has made a policy that only accounts holding SNTs will be able to reserve a username. Similar to how Twitter recognizes verified accounts with badges, Status will give its users the ability to receive a badge that indicates the account is trustable.

To receive a badge, Status stakeholders will have to deposit SNT against usernames at a premium. Badges will indicate the amount of value or number of backers associated with the account. Status Coin News

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