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Substratum (SUB) is a digital coin of a decentralized platform that tries to create a new generation of Internet, or so-called Internet 3.0. The essence of the platform offers a decentralized storage of information on computers connected to the platform. The computer of each of the participant which is connected to the network will act as a node storing information. A similar idea is trying to implement a project called Filecoin.

Substratum Node lets anyone become a web host on the decentralized internet. Unlike many technologies based on blockchain, SubstratumNode focuses on an intuitive user experience. Anyone can earn Substrate (SUB) by turning their computer into a host.

ICO start date: 2017-08-14


What is Substratum?

What You Need to Know About Substratum Coin?

The Substratum network is based on a worldwide collection of nodes. This network uses cryptography to deliver secure content anywhere without the need for a VPN or Tor. The company also plans to revolutionize the hosting industry with on-demand billing through microtransactions. Micro-transactions are facilitated by blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence. With Substratum everyone can become a web host on the decentralized Internet. Unlike many blockchain-based technologies, SubstratumNode emphasizes an intuitive user interface – so even if you don’t have experience with nodes, you can still make money through Substratum.

With Substratum, members will be able to vote content up or down. This will allow people to identify bad players like child pornography or terrorism and get them removed from the network.

More information in the project whitepaper:

Substratum Price

The price of Substratum coin online:


In 2017, the project planned to do the following work:

  • Add currency to Bittrex and Bitfinex. According to CoinMarketCap, now trading SUB on these exchanges are not conducted.
  • To publish the source code is executed.
  • Start SubstratumNode in the test version is done.
  • Substratum Store. Information about the operation of this service no.

By 2018 the launch of the official version of the payment gateway SubstratumPay, which will work SubstratumBridge – enhanced tool to convert your cryptocurrency.

Substratum ICO

Substratum ICO was held in September 2017. The project positions itself as a decentralized version of the Internet, in which each member of the network can receive money for the functions of the server.

  • Ticker: SUB.
  • Number of coins: 352 000 000 SUB.
  • Coins issued: 226 000 000 SUB.
  • Rate: $1.3 (as 22.01.2018).
  • Market cap: $339 229 871.

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