SWAT is a (POW) proof of work Crypto Coin based on the ERC20 Standards, that can be mined only with Pocket Miner (TM) made and sold by the SWAT Coin project and by the SWATMINER APK that can be bought from the project. The project is based on an extreme lean mining technology using the SWATMINER APK an android app, which consumes negligible resources be it CPU, GPU, RAM, DATA, Bandwidth or Battery. A Coin with a project, Minimum Viable Product and Great Future potential. SWAT will set the future standard in facilitating Secure, Wide-spectrum, Authenticated Transactions. Secure, Wide-spectrum Authenticated Transactions being the key factors of the project the acronym SWAT as the symbol and the name SWAT Coin have emerged.

The SWAT Coin Project is a Block Chain project which proposes to create Distributed Digital Dominance – A Model to Maintain your privacy and make your own financial decisions without interference, from for profit Corporate Digital Giants using analytics and machine learning to control and influence individual decision making process. SWTCoin (pronounced as SWAT Coin with the Symbol SWAT) proposes to set the standard in facilitating simple, secure wide spectrum authenticated digital transactions. SWAT has two parts.One is the block chain based payment mechanism SWAT and the other a revenue generating business model that will be a regular manufacturing unit that manufactures and markets the Pocket Miner.

Minimum Viable Product of the project the Pocket Miner is instrumental in establishing the broader purpose of the project, which is to make the benefits of block chain technology affordable, accessible and available to the common man through a mining device, the Pocket Miner or the SWATMINER APP by a model of sharing revenue with all stake holders.Pocket Miners are truly unique to this project and are designed to generate revenue and profits for the users.

The Pocket Miner devices are Android devices based on a Digitally Authorized, Secured and Authenticated Lean Mining Process. Using this technology it is ensured that the coin cannot be mined with any other device.. SWAT can be mined only using these devices or the extreme lean mining android application SWATMINER APK. Being based on a trusted platform and powered by a unique technological innovation, SWAT and the Pocket Miners are already finding acceptance and admiration among the Millennial and Digital Natives who were brought up by Helicopter Parents and want everything handed over to them on a platter.

SWTCoin is a mining enabled ERC20 Asset that can be stored securely in various ETH Wallets. The revenue generated by the three revenue streams namely device and app sales, ad revenue from integrated ad on the mining screen, content, delivery through subscription and sales, is shared with the mining users and SWAT holders through block chain technology.

Team of 24 members from 14 different countries make up the Development & Management Group of the project. Bartosz from Poland, Benjamin and Tony from Nigeria, Byoung ju, Chang Gi, Choi, Kim and Geonung from South Korea, Catherine and Yuriy from Ukraine, Ledon, Oleg and Dmitry from Russia, Dilip from India, Ehsan from Iran, Merlin from Luxembourg, Kevin, Shawn and Harold from the US, Claudio from Italy, Cristian from Peru, Muhammad from Malaysia, Johnny from Vietnam and Wayne from Indonesia.

Exchanges that SWAT is currently being traded on are FatBTC, P2PB2B, EtherFlyer, Coinlim and the project’s own exchange SWATX.

Road Map of the project has been delineated with specific milestones fixed until end of the year 2020. The first set of milestones and deadlines were met during the first year of operation from March 2018 to the first quarter of 2019.

Website: http://www.swatcoin.network/

Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0xc0f1728d9513efc316d0e93a0758c992f88b0809

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