Taklimakan Network

Taklimakan Network is a new generation social network platform based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.



Taklimakan Network it is a coherent resource of the whole crypto community of the whole world, as a unique, convenient and easy-to-use tool for beginners, as well as a business platform for professionals of different categories and areas. Taklimakan Network is a bridge of generations that carries society into the crypto era and provides information value based on the interests and preferences of users of any social groups and different spheres of activity, regardless of the level of knowledge and geographical location. Taklimakan Network is a platform that creates an opportunity, both for self-development and business, as well as for entertainment and communication.

Mission To accelerate adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life and be one of the major drivers for overall market growth.

Aim To become the biggest (in terms of number of users) and the most universal (in terms of functionality) cryptocurrency platform in the world.

Platform details

Platform categories

The platform combines more than 10 different directions starting from investment educational sections and ending with entertainment sections. The main categories are as following:

• News – News aggregator with automatic publication of financial and crypto related news materials localised to different languages • Market – Cryptocurrency market statistics: capitalization, indices, cryptocurrencies, exchanges • Trading – Trading Signals, Strategies, Technical and Fundamental Analysis tools • Analytics – Analytical Reviews, Analytical Tools • Education – Library of knowledge, articles, courses, video lectures • Investments – Asset Management, Start-up Accelerator • Projects – Base of Blockchain Projects • Portfolios – Investment portfolios of users of the platform, analysis, comparison and maintenance • Shop – Marketplace of goods and services for cryptocurrencies • Services – Service connecting freelancers and companies • Exchange – Decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency trading • Crypto companies – Base of crypto companies and stores from around the world.

Main functions

The simplicity, modern design and user-friendly functionality make the Taklimakan Network platform an indispensable helper to get acquainted with the cryptocurrency industry, invest in crypto assets and build your own business of any category. • Social network for communication: Subscriptions, Chating, Creating groups, Comments, Likes, Video broadcasting, Posting, Creating professional content • Internal payment system • Purchase / sale of goods for cryptocurrency • Order / provision of services for cryptocurrency • Cryptocurrency trading on a decentralized exchange • Monetization of own skills and talent • News and statistics of the cryptocurrency market • Creation of professional profiles, stores, branded pages • Rating and ranking system with rewards • Referral program for all users of the platform

Opportunities for professionals

Taklimakan Network is a reliable tool for increasing earnings for professionals. Each expert can share his knowledge experience and analytics with other users for a fee. Professionals will have the following opportunities: • Ability to publish professional content and send it directly to your subscribers. • Conduct lectures, webinars and consultations, as well as introducing beginners to the basics of Blockchain technology • Use analytical tools for statistical data analysis • Use trading tools to create trading signals • Access the information portal with current news materials on cryptocurrencies • Manage platform user assets and providing your own strategy • Get investments for your ideas and startups

Opportunities for users

The newcomers to cryptocurrency market will be able to raise the level of knowledge, improve the skills of investing in cryptocurrency assets and get a professional analysis of blockchain startups and increase their capital. Platform will allow user to:

• Create, monitor and change their own portfolio • Get access to current market news • Subscribe to analytical reviews, trading signals and other professional content • Use tools for statistical data analysis • Get a consultation from professional managers and funds with effective asset management investment strategies • Compare asset indicators with portfolio indices and portfolio indicators of other investors of the platform • Improve qualifications and gain knowledge in the educational center, as well as learn how to use cryptocurrency analysis tools • Invest in startups

TAN Token

The TAN token created on the basis of Ethereum technology is used as the main means of payment in the Taklimakan ecosystem, but is also involved in other areas.

• Subscriptions for analytical materials and educational center services • Commission fees for using the strategies of the platform traders • Referral fees and rewards for creating content. • Share in voting (proportional voting) • Payment system for platform users

Interactions on Taklimakan Network

On the Taklimakan Network platform users can interact with each other using professional tools of analytics, trading, elements of a social network and marketplace.

• User <=> User Users can communicate using chat, internal messaging system, send tokens to each other create, like and comment on posts, subscribe to other users or content, create groups, branded pages, video broadcasts.

• Newbie <=> Expert Newbies can freely subscribe to content of experts or by purchasing paid subscriptions and respectively receive useful information. Experts can monetize their professional skills by selling content to subscribers.

• Seller <=> Buyer You can create store pages, lay out goods that fall on the common marketplace. Sell and buy as well as conduct auctions.

• Freelancer <=> Customer In the freelancers exchange, you can create profiles and upload portfolio. Customers can set tasks and specify conditions.

• Investor <=> Start up Any start-up or project can receive investments for an idea or an existing business. Investors can find for themselves a suitable investment project and get analytics on it from experts.


The audience of the platform is very diverse. Users will be able to identify the value platform is proposing regardless of interest, language and geographical location.

Platform user categories • Newbie • Expert • Trader • Analyst • Investor • Mentor • Blogger • Developer • Entrepreneur • Portfolio manager • Seller • Freelancer

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