Taylor project team has created a service that allows users to facilitate the trading process and minimize risks.



The development team consists of 12 talented professionals. Fabio Seixas, CEO, and Thiago Regis, CTO from Brazil are co-founders and have extensive experience in creating digital projects and startups. The project partners are API Ventures, one of the largest companies working with digital assets, and Onfido, specializing in verification.


To implement the tasks, the developers, as a way to attract investment, chose the ICO system. The company sells a certain amount of tokens that guarantee access to the existing and future features of the system. 10 million TAY were emitted during ICO. 6 535 000 TAY are available for purchase. The initial price is 0,00070 ETH, final price is 0,00093 ETH.

Principle of operation

The service offers a convenient mobile application that can help users to trade on the market. Every trader knows that the basis of success is the right time to enter a trade. The Taylor program analyzes the information from the exchange trades and sends a signal to the user. After receiving the signal, they can read the information and decide to enter or not to enter the deal. The program interface provides all the necessary information about volumes, prices, charts. In addition, users can choose the type of trade. The first sign of the platform was the block-scalping strategy, which is used for binary options and allows users to make a small profit with minimal risk.

Road map

A young and ambitious team of developers has publicly posted a road map of their own development. In 2017, they planned:

  • creation of a bot for monitoring exchanges – Q1;
  • strategy of cryptochallenge – Q2;
  • the release of the alpha version of the app – Q3;
  • sale of tokens from public auction – Q4.

In 2018, they planned:

  • beta release. Continued sale of tokens – Q1;
  • development of new trading strategies – Q2;
  • increase number of study exchanges – Q3;
  • increase your trading strategies – Q4.

In the 1st quarter of 2019, the company promises to introduce billing, in the 2nd quarter – to introduce fully automatic trading. In the 3rd quarter they are waiting for new, not yet open opportunities.


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