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Tenta is a private encrypted browser with ad-blocker available for Android. Jessу Adams and Christopher O’Connell founded Tenta Browser in 2016.

Tenta browser review

Tenta Browser encrypts everything: browsing history, downloaded and local files, bookmarks, documents, and even videos. Browser doesn’t store data, all the information is decentralized. Tenta browser offers even more protection for its users by offering a low-cost subscription ($1 or $5). As the browser attracted an essential number of users, the team decided to raise some money. The company received an investment from ConsenSys Ventures, the blockchain-based company.

Tenta installed without issue and didn’t ask for our email address or any other personal information. Tenta Browser offers real secure browsing, keeping the data private, reliable, and safe. The browser provides the following stages of protection:

  • A secure PIN code. A user can also set the fingerprint to get access to the app.
  • Built-in true VPN, not a proxy. An encrypted VPN tunnel securely connects the user to the internet while hiding an IP address from hackers, trackers, and ISPs.
  • Privacy features like device-wide and per-app VPN, securing against WebRTC leaks, encrypted downloaded media, and more.

The browser can connect to different VPN servers in different tabs (referred to as zones). In the beta, there are only four servers to choose from, located in Seattle, Miami, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Available DNS options are Google, System 3, OpenNIC, and OpenDNS (with Custom also in development).

The most disappointing thing about Tenta Browser is the speed. If you want your connection to be as secure as it is possible, you need to wait for pages to be loaded. With such slow connection speeds, there is no doubt that streaming would be a bit of a nightmare.

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