TheGCCcoin (GCC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency intended for making payments inside and outside of its own ecosystem and services. TheGCCcoin is poised to cater for micropayments due to the speed of its transactions. It is a hybrid proof-of work and proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that implements a transaction-fee sharing system. TheGCCcoin is an entirely green cryptocurrency. Nearly half of all transaction fee in the blockchain is donated to eco-friendly projects. 1% of coin minting is allocated to environmental projects in order to neutralize carbon footprint resulting from energy consumption required for minting.



TheGCCcoin was started by Jan M. Pasboel and a team of developers in 2013, with the idea of creating a predominantly community-based cryptocurrency that could be universally used for making purchases of everyday items and services. By combining cryptocurrency and 3D printing, the company wanted to address the enthusiasts of advanced technologies and grasp the shift toward personalized manufacturing with a green attitude in mind. This was reflected in the development of the first service in the TheGCCcoin ecosystem which was an open 3D printing platform. The ecosystem was to help create a base market in which TheGCCcoin could be used. On 18th July 2017, TheGCCcoin underwent a hard fork in order to upgrade its minting functions. In 2017, TheGCCcoin entered two exchange markets.

Technical characteristics

TheGCCcoin has pre-mined coins at its disposal – to lay a solid foundation for the open source code designed for individual wallets. The source code is based on the X13 protocol. TheGCCcoin block time has been limited to 60 seconds in order to reduce the loading time of memory and other energy resources.

The age of the coin block is measured depending on the stake weight. Stake weight is calculated by multiplying the amount of coins held in a single block by the number of days that have passed. The company only uses proof-of-work to generate and distribute coins to their investors. Currently, proof-of-work is only used in order to support the network with the minimum reward of 0.000001 GCC.

Main features

TheGCCcoin is designed to be fully decentralized and anonymous and has built-in transaction feesharing features.

  • Blocks are minted every 60 seconds, which makes TheGCCcoin one of the fastest-minted cryptocurrency in the world. In comparison, Bitcoin blocks are mined every 10 minutes.
  • The maximum supply of TheGCCcoin is 2,400,000,000 coins.
  • TheGCCcoin has a minting option with only 24 hours of minimum staking time and no maximum time – starting with 20% annual gain.
  • 0,040% of each transaction fee is donated to green projects, 0,024% is shared among the users, and 0,024% is saved for project development.

Wallets and exchanges

TheGCCcoin has a web wallet and a desktop wallet for Windows, Mac OS and Linux available. Open exchange markets that allow the trading of TheGCCcoin are Cryptopia (GCC) NovaExchange (GCC) and C-CEX (GCC24).

Merchant platform

TheGCCcoin can be implemented as an online payment option through the dedicated GCC Merchant payment gateway.

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