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Born in 2007 as a Second Life virtual company, The Rock has evolved in a full featured digital institution in Italy.

The Rock trading is known for its outstanding customer service. It is focused on users’ trust, compliance and security. “we always prefer to be safe than sorry

The platform allows to trade:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ether
  • Peercoin
  • Zcash
  • Ripple
  • Bcash
  • Noku

Today one of the mayor exchange in the EUR/BTC pair by volume.

The main deposit method is  SEPA transfers along with OkPay. The Rock Trading is also a Ripple gateway, which can be used to deposits btc, ltc, ppc, eth, eur and xrp. The exchange was the first to use multisig addresses (Greenaddress) in order to allow zero-confirmation bitcoin deposits, making faster to transfer the funds from your wallet to The Rock Trading. 

The service was launched June 07, 2011. Trading against Second Life Lindens is no longer available, due to change in Second Life ToS. Margin trading is also available.

Deposits and Withdrawing

Deposit methods available: SEPA transfers and OKPAY. The Rock Trading is also a Ripple gateway, which can be used to deposits BTC, LTC, DOGE, PPC, ETH, EUR and USD, or even XRP.

It’s the first Bitcoin exchange to have offered Bitcoin instant confirmations deposits, with multisig.

Technical features

The platform offers an high level of up-time web site and advanced security policies and processes. 

Order features:

  • Limit/market.
  • Stop Loss/Take profit.
  • Time in force policy.
  • Margin trading (Temporarily suspended).
  • Dark orders.

Charting and analysis:

  • Basic trading charts.
  • Advanced trading charts.

Other services:

  • Fast Lane: to buy and sell without accessing the trading platform;
  • API’s: to connect directly to the platform;
  • Ripple: to process payments via Ripple;
  • OTC: over the counter large cryptocurrency quantity purchase/sale;
  • Shielded addresses for ZCash deposits and support for withdrawals process using shielded transactions.

The Rock Trading counts on strategic partnerships with leading institutions that recognized it as a trustworthy company to do business with. They are:

The Rock Trading also operates a payment processor:


The European legislator has not provided yet any indication on cryptocurrency ecosystem, but Italian government has indicated the way with D.Lgs 90/2017. Even if D.Lgs 90/2017 does not regulate Cryptocurrency Exchanges it provides legal recognition, clear indications of applicable legislation and future evolution. The Rock Trading has already fulfilled required actions and it has already completed the process.


In 2007, “The Rock Insurance co.” is born as a virtual company in Second Life selling insurance on bank deposits. Since then, the company evolved , while remaining under the same management team.

In 2010, it changed its name to “The Rock Trading”, with a division dedicated to manage funds and an exchange to trade currencies and stocks. 

In June 2011, the first Bitcoin was traded on The Rock Trading, making it one of the oldest exchanges still alive. As the website continued to grow, it started to add new currencies (such as litecoin, namecoin and others) and in may 2013 it became a Ripple gateway, and an official XRP reseller. Trading against Second Life Lindens was removed, due to change in second life tos.

In July 2013, The Rock Trading became a certified limited liability company, registered in Malta.

2017 mark an important change, The Rock Trading moved to Italy. All of its operations, including legal, finance, IT, offices etc, are now in Italy.

Team of the project

The Rock Trading is led by two senior executives and Blockchain savvy:

Davide has extensive experience on Digital Currency technology and Stock Exchange markets. Davide worked as IT manager focusing on R&D for many tech companies before becoming an entrepreneur. He is a blockchain and Bitcoin expert.

Andrea boasts +25 years of experience in executive and entrepreneurial roles. He has an investment banking and corporate finance background. He is an active and prominent member of the Italian and international Bitcoin community.

Headquarter and Offices

The Rock exchange is operated by The Rock Trading Ltd, which is a corporate entity registered in Malta, with its headquarters in Valletta. It has operational offices in Italy.


Coming events

The Rock Trading is deploying SegWit. 

The Rock Trading is one of the participating exchanges of the Liquid network6, a Bitcoin exchange and brokerage multi-signature sidechain by Blockstream, which public launch will be in Q1 of 2018. 

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