Third Key Solutions

Third Key Solutions is a boutique consulting and cryptographic key management firm providing solutions for decentralized digital currencies and asset-tokens. Third Key Solutions was announced by Andreas Antonopoulos.

The company works with individuals who want a better, more secure way to store their bitcoin, ether, and other cryptocurrencies and assets. They work with people who aren’t really sure they’re “doing security right” and don’t want to lose what they’ve got. TKS creates plans that are understandable, clear, and most importantly ones you can actually implement, test, and use. The team won’t recommend any technology unless you have the expertise to use it. We can also help with estate planning, inheritance, and executor consultant services, if you’re interested in planning for the future.

Third Key Solutions works with organizations that use cryptocurrencies within their organizations. They’ll work with your team to design an auditable, process-based key management and disaster recovery system to help protect your digital currency and asset holdings. Our solutions focus on providing accountability while minimizing risk and disruption to the organization.

The company does not participate in ICOs or crowdfunding activities.

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