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TKEYCOIN this is a global means of payment, functioning on the basis of its own variation of blockchain technology. The network is fully decentralized, and no government or organization in the world controls it. Thanks to the latest Protocol and open source code, developers around the world will be able to use Tkeycoin-based solutions in a variety of areas of civil society, be it cryptocurrency, the banking sector, medicine or education or any other field of activity.

Tkeycoin platform is a digital financial ecosystem (CEF). The system simplifies, reduces the cost of cash transactions and actually improves traditional financial services. The system implies an electronic platform to which various financial products are connected. The task of the system is to unite in a single environment and a chain of communications aimed at the needs of the client. The complex of solutions is focused on payment systems and operations with instant currency exchange in the international format. Software solutions Tkeycoin allow for instant money transfers to any part of the world, and to be a reliable store of amounts of various denominations.

International transfers, online payments, multi-currency wallets, global cryptocurrency statistics, interval exchange and much more. The main task of the platform is to make operations with cryptocurrencies easier and more accessible.

Tkeycoin Core is a peer to peer payment network that uses the cryptocurrency Tkeycoin.

The network of cryptocurrency Tkeycoin able to handle more than 50,000 transactions operations per second. The network can easily adapt to varying degrees of congestion and can handle up to 500,000 operations per second if the need arises. With the help of the payment system Tkeycoin you can make money transfers around the world or make purchases in your favorite stores on the Internet. There are no limits, restrictions or locks on the network, as it is fully decentralized. Tkeycoin app has recently appeared on MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. The web version is already available in BETA mode on

As the developers of The tkeycoin team emphasize, the main task is to make the lives of millions of people around the world more comfortable and easier, thanks to the most accessible and easy – to-handle cryptocurrency. You can purchase Tkeycoin in any country of the world using one of the tools presented on the official website of the platform.

The company TKEY DMCC launched the development of Tkeycoin in October 2017.



Technology startups typically start out with one and the same – with the new technology. Team Tkeycoin has chosen a different path, thinking, primarily, about the problems that people around the world face daily. The project’s research team has managed to establish a fundamental mismatch between human needs and the global economic system in which we all live today. The task to find a decent and effective solution to this problem was the reason for the “birth” of the Tkeycoin project.

Development officially started in October 2017, and even then the project had an ambitious goal to create a simple decentralized payment system that will allow you to make money transactions in seconds and with minimal fees around the world. Over the long months of development and preparation of the project for launch, the developers of Tkeycoin have tested hundreds of concepts and technical solutions in practice, selecting only the most wealthy and really effective.

In autumn 2018, the project entered the final stage of development, and also moved to the final stages of the ICO.

At the beginning of 2019, mobile payments will be integrated into the decentralized platform Tkeycoin.

Ideology, history of the Phoenix and the name Tkeycoin


We stand for global scaling of the cryptocurrency market and their mass distribution in the economic sphere. The digital culture built into Tkeycoin will foster expression of personality and collective creativity, and not just be a means of survival through hired labor. Tkeycoin is organized to help people, businesses and the public sector to move to collective approaches to solving social problems by jointly creating a system of open knowledge through the Tkeycoin network, as well as secure and mutually beneficial business processes.

The platform is beneficial for all network participants, from ordinary users, miners, traders, businessmen to state and municipal authorities (hospitals, archives, etc.). The new economic system Tkeycoin will open up ways for people to implement new, most unexpected ideas and make it possible to move to a new level of life. Restrictions by various regulatory and Supervisory bodies have a negative impact on the development of civil society. Business and people interacting with it, in the usual classical system bear certain risks.

Analysis of the cryptocurrency market shows that more and more social aspects are emphasized during their creation. The views of various sectors of society in the financial policies still vary greatly, which formed the differences between the developers and the community. The result is the fragmentation of technology into many projects and Protocol changes. This policy has a negative impact on the adaptation of cryptocurrencies in society.

At the moment, the crypto market resembles the era of feudal fragmentation in Russia of the XVII century. Each project exists “on its own”, the community as a whole is not focused on mutual assistance, even in order to strengthen its own positions. Everyone is trying to quickly get their own benefit, forgetting that the market is unpredictable and rapid rise can be replaced by the same rapid fall.

The vast majority of projects do not have real socio-economic functions and do not contribute to the development of a comfortable life for civil society. Although new technologies do have a huge potential for society and the mass consumer, none of them has yet realized this potential. The main problem is the lack of a long-term strategy and full understanding of all opportunities of new digital technologies. In practice, today, most often a mass of highly specialized tokens is created, the purpose of which is rapid enrichment. It discredits really interesting projects. In addition, a significant part of developers use old technologies without thinking about creating something new. Today’s emerging crypto market requires a fundamentally new approach to development strategy.

It is the joint efforts that will contribute to the sustainable consolidation of the positions of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology in society. Unfortunately, most people are still very little informed about the infrastructure of digital currencies, which are at the stage of adaptation by the market. Community must help the users and the financial sector to move to a new blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies making the same familiar phenomenon, which at the time was the Internet. Decentralization is a new opportunity for the world. However, to realize these opportunities probably only under condition of constant active promote market players to each other.

Based on the principles of mutual assistance and cooperation of the whole community, it is possible to achieve ambitious goals that are unrealistic for individual players. Active interaction and joint efforts of the community will allow cryptocurrencies to firmly gain a foothold in the market.

The technologies implemented with the help of the Tkeycoin platform will make the transition to new technologies much faster, by reducing the socio-economic inequality among people as much as possible. The development of Tkeycoin network contributes to the creation of a new global well-being accessible to all participants of the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Tkeycoin — global p2p network, which is being developed in the interests of the people. This is a new form of organization, built as an alternative to a variety of systems of socio – economic, cultural and political order. Tkeycoin incorporates processes to achieve a variety of solutions using which most people can manage their social and business life through a variety of Autonomous, interdependent networks.

Global governance processes through attention of many stakeholders allows us to create a solid social and economic market. The system works in the interests of people, not third parties, as is now the case in most countries of the world. Our principle is to act on the needs of the community, creating new priority opportunities for it. The wide spread of the global ecosystem Tkeycoin will provide a revolutionary impetus to the development and expansion of the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Socio-economic application protects cryptocurrency from constant adjustments of its rate in the market, creating a constant, stable growth of the currency Tkeycoin.

History of Tkeycoin name

Tkeycoin is correctly pronounced as “tee-key-coin” and literally translates as “key coin (from English. key + coin). TKEY – abbreviation of the English phrase Turn the KEY (“turn the key”), which refers to the book of Joe Vitale “Key” (turn it and open the mystery of attraction). This book has become for many the key to fulfillment desires and helped attract in life fortune and prosperity. TKey is also the “transaction key” in C#.

The key as an emblem traditionally means solving a difficult task, finding an approach to a complex problem. It is a mystery to be solved, a knowledge to be attained.

In addition, the key is the power and ability to open and close, restrict or release everything, at the request of the owner. Interestingly, his inventor was considered Janus – two-faced God-demiurge, who was revered by the Romans as the patron of new beginnings. Janus was the owner of the Keys of Power that opened and closed the gates of heaven.

The symbol of the coin – the Phoenix

The symbol of the coin is the mythological Phoenix, meaning immortality and eternal renewal. Phoenix implies that Tkeycoin has an important role to play in the rebirth and renewal of the global financial system, creating new unique tools for this market.

The Latin inscription “Littera scripte manet” on the image of the coin is translated as “Written does not disappear”. This is logical: as we know, the blockchain keeps the entire history of operations in an accurate and unchanged form, without loss. Theoretically, these data can be seen in a thousand years.


TKEY DMCC (formerly Holding BR) is an it company engaged in the development of modern solutions for the economic and social sphere. Since October 2017, TKEY DMCC has been developing a new cryptographic decentralized platform – “Tkeycoin” for payment systems, banking and financial sector. This technology can be used in payment systems, financial services, the economy and in all other industries, including state and municipal. Smart solutions from TKEY DMCC allow you to combine banks, payment systems, financial institutions, corporations and users with software solutions based on peer-to-peer protocols and block solutions that implement affordable and instant payments worldwide. In October 2018, TKEY DMCC and Tkeycoin were included in the official Dun & Bradstreet register. This year the company started working in the prestigious international DMCC zone in Dubai (UAE).


The development of the platform is engaged in the company TKEY DMCC. Certificate No.: DMCC138705. License Number DMCC-544474. D-U-N-S Number: 561428626. Trademark of Tkeycoin ®. The development team of Tkeycoin Consists of professional programmers, mathematicians, specialists in the field of Finance and trade. The management and development team passed a set of tests, having received official confirmation from the Department of economic development of Dubai.

D-U-N-S Number

The company now has its own DUNS number in the official register of the American company Dun & Bradstreet. DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) is a global property rights registry maintained by the American company Dun & Bradstreet. The purpose of the registry is the confirmation of business reputation of subjects of entrepreneurial activity.


TKEY technologies are now legally confirmed and registered under our authorship in a special register. TKEY patent data is already publicly available and can be easily found on the FIPS (Federal Institute of industrial property) website. The number of the certificate Rospatent: 2019613458

Features Of Tkeycoin

  • High throughput. The modular implementation of the TKEY Protocol allows you to obtain transaction speeds of N+∞ depending on the network load.
  • Modular Proof-of-Work. Innovations of mPoW eliminate the problem of selfish mining, hard disk load, increased power consumption and system scalability.
  • Additional opportunities for miners. You can either use your home PC or specialized equipment to mine. Everyone around the world can mine Tkeycoin. No matter the residence country.
  • Web applications. Full-fledged web-wallet and mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Exchange point. This functionality provides complete control of funds through one trusted and secure source. Users no longer need to create multiple accounts on third-party resources in order to exchange currency.
  • Full control over finances. All accounts, cards, money transfers, exchanges and other financial transactions are monitored from the wallet.
  • Web Security. A mixed encryption system based on the principles of computational complexity, with deterministic generation of signatures using elliptic curves, will ensure absolute safety and security of users’ funds.
  • Optimisation. Implementing storage optimisation will significantly reduce the disk space required to store the full node on the user’s PC. Efficient and effective storage can significantly improve the performance of network operations and blockchain synchronisation.
  • Update system. Competently constructed systems of updates allow to introduce various types of functionality into the platform, which covers any kinds of market and user needs.
  • Integration. Integration with the Tkeycoin platform will be as easy as with documented SDKs and plugins for all major platforms and languages. Our experts prepare API for web-wallets, applications, Internet-acquiring and the protocol itself. The company’s plans include the introduction of an API based on the popular REST API standard, which is an architectural style of interaction of components of a distributed application in a network.
  • Development Centre and Science Centre. TKEY DMCC plans to launch an online educational platform for programmers. The goal is to create a world-wide community of developers and businesses that are interested in using Tkeycoin and technology related to it.
  • Open source technology. Developers can create new protocols based on the platform.
  • Banking solutions. In 2019, the Tkeycoin system will be equipped with the most modern tools for direct independent international interbank transfers that do not require the involvement of intermediaries, which allows the use of the project’s technologies to create an effective alternative to the notorious SWIFT.
  • Independent channels. Tkeycoin users are provided with the opportunity to build direct secure payment channels with trusted individuals (relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) and transfer funds through them with one click.
  • Mobile payments. For Android and iOS, special software applications will be combined with powerful tools based on Tkeycoin technologies, with which you can use secure payments, exchange cryptocurrencies for goods, services, money.
  • Marketplace for sellers. At the global marketplace Tkeycoin users can buy everything from juice to a yacht. The international marketplace will bring together thousands of vendors and manufacturers around the world. Tkeycoin network members will be able to use TKEY cryptocurrency as a means of exchange and accumulation.
  • Business solutions. Organisations and individual entrepreneurs who have connected Tkeycoin Payments will be able to accept payments in cryptocurrency around the world, giving their customers new payment options.
  • TKEY templates. In order to create and deploy a corporate network blockchain, it will be possible to use the open source kYprotocol templates.

The concept of Tkeycoin is aimed not only at programmers, but also at the society at large. And, above all, to the part for which freedom of choice and decision-making are important factors in everyday life.

Tkeycoin – New World’s Most Advanced Payment System

Technical details

TKEY is a multi-block architecture of the core with a flexible system of updates, which is simultaneously maintaining complete decentralisation and quantum stability. The main feature of TKEY is its flexible modular implementation, due to which one can create a multitude of protocols depending on the required functionality. This flexibility makes it possible to delegate data and improve its structure, making it easy to integrate and synchronise with other systems.

The principle of separation of duties involves the allocation of roles and responsibilities, in which the object can not violate a critical organisational processes. This is especially important when it comes to unqualified actions or the actions of intruders. The modular implementation will allow to get the transaction rate in the amount of N + ∞ depending on the network load. These properties protect the network from high load due to logarithmic growth and node distribution, ensuring interchangeability of assets with a given intensity.

Tkeycoin – New World’s Most Advanced Payment System

TKEY – Decentralized, Scalable, Peer-to-Peer, Quantum Stable.

mPoW is a modular Proof-of-Work, reliably protected from double-spending attacks, self-mining and various dDos-attacks. Due to the modular implementation of the kYprotocol, and significant changes in the architecture of the blockchain, which we are used to seeing today, we have achieved high results. Repeated testing mPoW showed us the following the key properties:

  • Quantum stability;
  • Scalability;
  • Complete decentralization;
  • Absence of attack 51%;
  • Lack of double expense;
  • Low power consumption.

Local wallets and mining

From 30 April 2019, a release of full wallets (full nodes) is available on Windows, macOS, Linux. Graphic wallet application, is able to receive and send money to mine crypto-currency and is a full Node (node) in the network Tkeycoin. This wallet gives the user full control over his funds in the form of cryptocurrency Tkeycoin. This means that no one can freeze your account or lose your money. However, the user should remember that the responsibility for the security and backup of the wallet lies entirely with the user. The graphical interface is also an indispensable tool for tkeycoin miners.

Full purses at the present time is the most closed method of use Tkeycoin. The full node contains the full version of the entire TKey blockchain. When using the Tkeycoin GUI, the user connects to an extensive network of other users also working with the Tkeycoin GUI. Each node is a verifier of a transaction or network block. When a user works and stores all funds using a full node, he can always be sure that his funds are safe.

Mobile wallet

Mobile wallet is a secure multi-currency funds storage with a rich set of useful tools. Simple and intuitive interface, daily updates of exchange rates, online transfers around the world. Before entering the exchange, a mobile wallet will be released, which in the first version will have a pleasant and convenient design, and will also give the opportunity to store and monitor funds to those users who, for one reason or another, do not use local wallets for PCs. Other nice features include the built-in exchange of TKEY for BTC, ETH and Fiat currencies, starting with the second version of the application. In fact, you do not even need an exchange, because you can convert currencies among themselves directly in the mobile application Tkeycoin. At the first stage, 4 cryptocurrencies and several Fiat currencies will be available for exchange. In the future, the number of cryptocurrencies will be increased to 20. Expected by many payments in stores using mobile will also be available in 2-3 versions of the application. At the same time, there will be built-in chats, so that Tkeycoin users can communicate with each other directly in the official application.

Blockchain explorer Tkeycoin

Convenient and easy search for transactions, addresses and blocks of cryptocurrencies. Instant access to data, bitcoin, Ethereum, daikon or litecoin. Modern block explorer.


=Starting the network

The TKEY network was officially launched on April 5, 2019. On April 8, the first Genesis block was formed. The Genesis block is encrypted Latin phrase – “Littera scripte manet” in the image of the coin is translated as “Written is not lost.”

Asian Parliamentary Assembly

On April 18, 2019, the leaders of TKEY took part in the meeting of the Asian parliamentary Assembly (APA). From 18 to 21 April, the regular meeting of the Standing Committee on economy and sustainable development of the Asian parliamentary Assembly (APA) was held, where the report of the it-companies group TKEY was presented on the need and prospects for integrated digitalization of the main state institutions and spheres of socio-economic activity. The meeting discussed the possibility of creating a digital environment in a number of key areas of the domestic and global markets, the elimination of existing restrictions for innovative technological solutions that can improve the efficiency of interaction between subjects of different industries and competencies at the national and international level. The discussions were attended by representatives of the management of THE TKey group of companies Pavel Yakimov (information technology Director) and Maxim Yakimov, who proposed options for creating a digital infrastructure to combat money laundering, open areas for investors, security systems and data exchange based on TKey’s own distributed systems. Parliamentarians agreed that new breakthrough technologies are essential and necessary to meet the needs of society to improve the economic and social situation of citizens. These points in the form of amendments will be included in the resolution to be discussed at the next APA meeting. Preliminary agreements were reached on the launch of pilot projects using Tkeycoin at the state level in a number of APA member countries.

Among the approvals of earlier resolutions, amendments and ratifications of agreements, the speech of the General Director of TKEY Maxim Yakimov in the format of the report was the only one included in the agenda of the event, which reflected the importance of the issue for the development of society, business, the state as a whole. The meeting was attended by delegates from the national Parliaments of the countries participating in the APA, where today is composed of 58 States is 42 permanent members and 16 observers, as well as the 9 major international organizations.

APA-2019 turned out to be extremely useful for Tkeycoin and from the point of view of development strategy of the business. Delegates of the APA member States gave a number of recommendations on doing business at the international level. As a result, the management of the company decided to adjust the rate on a number of issues, including listing on exchanges and product line updates.

=XXVIII international financial Congress

From 2 to 5 July, the management of the company TKEY attended the XXVIII International financial Congress in St. Petersburg. The main topic at IFC 2019 was “Financial markets: increasing complexity, maintaining stability”, so it is no coincidence that in his opening speech, the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina stressed the need for structural changes and the importance of comprehensive improvements in investment instruments of the Russian economy. The Congress was attended by representatives of foreign regulators, international financial organizations, as well as officials of the world’s largest banks — more than 1,200 participants, not counting the media. The event itself, in addition to information value, was even more useful for the company, in terms of networking and networking. In addition to the conversation with the head of the CBR, the company’s management talked with the owners of European banks and large foreign companies, representatives told about the project to delegates of large financial companies, discussed cryptocurrencies and blockchain with officials of Goldman Sachs Group.

Crowdsale and exchanges

Price Tkeycoin

At the time of premarket (IPEO) selling price Tkeycoin (TKEY) is 1$ (one) dollar.

Tkeycoin ICO

This is the most effective solution for the implementation of all the functionality of Tkeycoin. Additional investments will accelerate the development of the project by providing the necessary conditions for the development and scaling. The ICO period is from 1 may 2018 and ended on 30 December 2018. The total emissions for 105 million ICO coins Tkeycoin (TKEY). Of these, 100 million are available for sale,and 5 million are for developers and consultants.

Tkeycoin Exchange

The company’s management has officially announced that it will work only with a proven platform with a large volume of trading. Cryptocurrency Tkeycon will be published on 5 international exchanges, which are in the top 30 according to COINMARKETCAP.

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