Tourist Review

Tourist Review is a blockchain-based evaluation platform for traveling and food lovers combined with a smart contract that connects those who experience the cryptocurrency, creating the environment in which the users can search for a place or a dish quickly, thanks to Tourist Review’s Ecosystem.

It is possible to connect and reward users through cryptocurrency (TRET). And users can realize the benefits of using those token for traveling and foods in worldwide.

Users can use tokens to pay for the service’s owners through the publisher’s mobile app and website. Users of cross-border travel services will not need to convert to local currencies in a time-consuming and difficult way, but only need to pay with TRET.

Further more, travelers are rewarded some tokens from Tourist Review via writing reviews about services they have experienced.


What is Tourist?

Connecting traveling with blockchain technology is an inevitability. Because we need to discover providers with good quality of service, the evaluators are tourists and locals.

These reviews are more genuine and accurate than those from paid advertising or traveling agencies. If a service gets highly rated by our users, it will be beneficial to the owner.

Tourist Review’s network is constantly updated with information (optimizing information and review quality). New content is updated regularly on the community’s reviewing page.

More and more people are looking for product reviews before purchasing. By getting rated on Tourist Review, their services have a better chance of generating new customers.


Each year we spend a part of our time on holidays or occasions to travel. And choosing the right service/hospitality with satisfied quality as destination takes a lot of time. Most of the time, we rely solely on the reviews on the provider’s website.

But while it appears to be personal and objective, those reviews can be faked and altered with the authority of the provider’s owner. Therefore, we can not avoid going out feeling unhappy about the service and getting back home early.


We have witnessed so many bad responses as above. To solve the problem, we have found ways to address such things to create a social networking platform where people can support each other with true and honest experience.

And we came up with the idea of creating a new platform where people with same hobbies for traveling and cuisines around the world to share their real experience. That is the Tourist Review Global.

Token Metrics

Please send ETH to this contract: 0xc6d603a9df53d1542552058c382bf115aace70c7

Public Sale: 28 October

Min. Purchase: 0.01 ETH

For gas info: ETH Gas Station

Public Sale Ends: 11 November

Initial Value: 1 TRET = 0.00000005 ETH

Number of tokens for sale: TRET (70%) before burning

Token Distribution

The total supply of TRET is 9,099,963,323 tokens, which 70% of tokens will be put for sale. Any unsold token will be burned. After ICO, no more TRET will be generated in any ways. Founder’s, Dev’s, and Advisor’s wallets will be locked for fixed period of time as stated in the White Paper.

Symbol: TRET

Decimal: 8

Type: ERC20

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