United Traders

United Traders is one of the largest Eastern European (including the countries of the former Soviet Union) trading communities. It launched ICO on the 30 November, 2017. The received investments will be directed by the company for further development of various areas — development, marketing and advertising, product team, legal aspects, etc. UT token as an internal currency. The number of issued tokens will be 100 million.


United Trades first appeared on the market in 2009. Since the first months of its operation, the company has emerged as an expert in many global stock markets. After 2 years, the UT activity was evaluated on merit – it was recognized as the winner among private investors in the competition held by the Moscow exchange. Since that moment United Trades has become widely known. Twice the company has received awards. For 2 consecutive years it was awarded by the Russian Hedge Fund.


  • Working with Aurora (Windows), a platform that supports operations on many stock exchanges and crypto-exchanges;
  • a new trading system is being introduced that is capable of ensuring the execution of volume orders at the highest priority prices (a number of orders will be distributed between different crypto-exchanges). Provides a platform to compile a portfolio of ideas investment plan, including a hedge fund company. People who have invested in the company will have the opportunity to purchase securities of private companies;
  • in the ecosystem there is a dictionary, a kind of Wikipedia with a financial theme. This is a platform for advertisers and authors, where the first can place advertising, and the second create advertising, placing it in their articles. For the authors there is also a feedback channel that helps to create the most relevant and useful content;
  • United Traders plans to create a world community of high-level financial specialists, whose significant actions will be recorded in the blockchain. This will allow users to accurately distinguish a specialist from an incompetent person who is only trying to impersonate an expert.

All these projects will use the UT token as an internal currency, each of them will have its own client base. The company assures that it will not cease to support the planned directions in development and will bring them to the global level, thanks to the funds that the sale of tokens will give.

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