Universa HODL

Universa HODL is a hardware wallet for cryptographic assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Universe and other tokens of the ERC20 standard. The crypto wallet includes an OLED display with a two-level protection system and can be connected to a mobile device — a phone or a tablet using a Bluetooth channel.


At the moment, Universe HODL is the only hardware wallet that provides protection against Man-in-the-Middle attacks, in which an attacker connects to the channel of communication between contractors and distorts or removes the transmitted information. The protection is based on the use of the Diffie — Hellman Protocol. This method allows users to instantly make sure that between the phone and the wallet there is no attacker.

The first working prototype is presented, demonstrating the capabilities of the selected technical solutions and user interface. Today, the collection of pre-orders at a price of $197 has begun.

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