Value Chain concept

The concept of payment and consumer applications based on blockchain technology is subverting the traditional economy, which will unlock the cornerstone of new areas of value consumption and fundamentally change the new global order of value consumption. Value Chain is an application that utilizes blockchain technology and CBT (Cross-Blockchain Transaction) protocol to achieve seamless payment by docking online and offline shopping sites with blockchain asset. It docks online stores and offline stores and other physical and virtual consumer sites with crypto currencies while rewarding every transaction, resulting in VLC tokens, VLC tokens can also be consumed on the chain. The Value Chain team uses infrastructure to interconnect and interoperate physical and virtual platforms with the aim of creating a secure, stable, transparent and tamper-proof product. The Value Chain team strives to provide maximum convenience to our users, empower them to utilize as much blockchain assets as possible, and building an impeccable consumer rewarding ecosystem, accelerating the process of the transfer of value consumption.

Project website ValueChain (VLC)

ValueChain ICO start date: 2017-10-01

VALUE Wallet

The VALUE wallet is the core product that connects the Value Chain, digital assets, CBT protocols, consumers and merchants, empowering consumers to spend instantly with their blockchain assets through their smart phones or debit cards. With each transaction, a one-time mining operation will be carried out on the Value Chain. The mining will generate VLC tokens transferable to the consumer and the consumer would thus enjoy the value-added bonus brought by the token price rise.

Cross-Blockchain Transaction

Through the unique technology brought by the Value Chain team, Value Chain lets the value communicate directly, crossing any chain barriers. The adoption of CBT technology help consumers transact their digital assets by converting them to pair with the asset format that physical and virtual shopping sites support. Cross-Blockchain technology will be utilized most vividly on the Value Chain.

PoV Incentive Program

The PoV (Proof of Value) Consensus Algorithm originated from the VALUE team, as a new algorithm is an algorithm that motivates consumption from consumers. The mining difficulty is determined by the consumption value contributed to generated 1 VLC token, the more tokens generated, the more difficult it will be to generate new tokens, thus boosting the value of VLC token market price.

VLC token

Another core asset of the Value Chain is the VLC token. Every transaction can only be completed using the token. The mining of the token is considered a one-time mining operation and consumers or users get rewarded every time to perform the mining services. The more token you consume, the more rewards you get More information in the project whitepaper.


ValueChain key dates
  • June 2016: first cross-blockchain payment
  • December 2016: VLC concept, design and research
  • June 2017: core protocol of VALUE
  • October 2017: VLC token sale
  • January 2018: CBT network

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