Blockchain Ventureon is a decentralized platform that allows transactions, atomic swaps and fundraising for start-up launches. For business regulation, the Notaries / Arbitrators system is included into Blockchain.To start Blockchain Ventureon, the UDNA (Unit of Demand Notes Accounting) is used, later converted into the digital currency VNN. UDNA – Unit of demand notes accounting – not security will be issued after the blockchain and wallet readiness, all purchases are fixing in personal account of the project in the Rights of Claims form.


Why do you need blockchain? Make an agreement with the team of one of the ready – “experts” advise us. We, in turn, ask them: Imagine, there is a billion in your hands wich is not yours . And you are responsible for it. Will you handle it to an extraneous team? Or to a modern bank that accepts money, transfers them to your account, immediately blocks the account and begins to be interested in the origin of funds and their movement up to the fifth level, inclusive? At stake are a lot of money and to let operate with them to other`s blockchain / banks would be an unjustified risk. So it turns out that we need to create our own cryptocurrency on our own blockchain, correcting the system errors of other cryptocurrency and adding those functions that the crypto community does not have.

Maximum capacity with Blockchain Ventureon:

  • Convenient – corpuscular transactions are direct trans-currency peer-to-peer transactions of cryptocurrencies between third-party blockchains, which will make exchanges and large storage facilities an obsolete solution.
  • Fast – The transaction confirmation time is tens of milliseconds.
  • Reliable – DDoS protection is implemented through deep decentralization, which makes it`s break-in economically impractical .

High bandwidth – 32,768 transactions per second – with scalability

  • Legality – There is no conflict with the legislation regulating transactions with securities (issue, circulation) in all countries where there is no ban on mining and circulation of crypto-currencies. Documentary evidence of the origin of income upon request with preservation of anonymity.
  • Easy launching of Unitsales – constructor for transcurrency smart contracts based on Blockchain Ventureon with no need for programming.
  • Necessary for business – Notary, establishment of cross-border crypto-companies, loans, pledges, identity confirmation and everything necessary for the development of big business.
  • Beneficial for everyone – premium issue of coins 100%
  • Beneficial for miners – using server software (dedicated or virtual) makes VNN mining the most economical and environmentally-friendly of existing ones. The income of the miners will remain high due to their limited number in the system.
  • Beneficial for VNN-wallets owners – Payment of commission at the expense of the initiator of the transaction, the recipient or consolidated.

Eco-friendly mining

Using server software for mining allows you to save on the purchase of expensive equipment and electricity. Save the environment! Demo version of the pool –

Mining is provided by server-based mining pools. A typical, specialized software complex is installed on a dedicated or virtual server. Pools are assigned official domain names.Mining of cryptocurrency which is backed by real assets. The estimated yield is 2.5 VNN (€50) per day, payback from 20 to 220 days. A limited number of miners – it`s planning to admit to mining only 2583 accounts. Progressing cost of mining pools: the fewer vacant domains, the higher the price. The current price can be found in the store

Ventureon cryptocurrency (tiker VNN) – is a crypto-currency, released into circulation on the basis of Blockchain Ventureon.Until March 30, 2018 a Bonus issue of 100% is available.

Monetary Policy:

  1. Ideology “Only upwards!”
  2. The growing reference cost, correlating the price of VNN in the cryptocurrency market
  3. In order to prevent the collapse of the VNN rate by speculators, at the level of a systematic, unchangeable smart contract, will be made interventions and the redemption of VNN coins in automatic mode.

Provision of cryptocurrency:

  1. Low volatility of VNN
  2. The value of the crypto currency is diversified by IT and blockchain projects of the Hypercube Ventures fund, which are already ready for launch. Capitalization of the first portfolio of projects is expected at the turn of € 2 billion.The market value of projects grows as they start and develop, and the cost of VNN increases accordingly. All deposits in VNN will be insured by First Venture Insurance, and, in case of failure, are fully compensated. The Escrow is the venture fund Hypercube Ventures.
  3. The cost of VNN is tied to the starting price of these projects. The capitalization of VNN is not so much by demand on cryptocurrency market, as by real business projects that have undergone a thorough due diligence (Due Diligence).

Calculating of capitalization and the formula of cryptocurrency’s rate consolidation

As EXITs of projects, their share in the capitalization will be replaced by real financial assets and the next share of coins will issued into turnover.

Number of coins issued is calculated by formula:

Profit from start-up / market rate VNN = number of new coins

Thus, capitalization is increased by the amount for which new coins were issued, fixing the reference cost of the cryptocurrency above the previous one.

Course fixing formula:

Fund assets / number of coins in turnover = VNN reference cost

A portion of the amount that secures the capitalization of VNN is directed to finance new start-ups selected by the Hypercube Ventures fund.The profit received from the next projects is directed to the issue of new VNN coins. After putting into circulation 50% of VNN + 1 VNN, the blockchain will exist as a self-regulating, decentralized structure (approximately 5-7 years from the moment of launch). After the mining of all coins (100 million VNN), the profit generated from exit startups from the portfolio of Hypercube Ventures will be used to reinforce the capitalization and increase the reference cost of VNN, without issuing new coins.

Fixing of the reference cost after the issue of all 100 million coins:

Capitalization / 100 million coins = reference cost VNN

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