Verifi is an end-to-end payment protection and management solutions firm founded in 2005. It is based in , and has close to 9000 accounts.



It works on credit card processing and payments for its clients and specializes in helping merchants protect their card payments through the entire payment lifecycle. Its solutions help combat fraud and prevent and resolve while it also processes card payments in an environment that is safe for the consumer and merchant, and reduces instances of identity fraud.


Verifi brings the interests of the entire processing community to protect the merchant and the consumer. It works with the card issuers, merchants, and the consumer. Their collaborative solutions help merchants process payments, streamline fraud, and prevents fraudulent or erroneous chargebacks, which is a costly concern for merchants. Verifi’s (CDRN) helps connect financial organizations and merchants, allowing merchants to act in real time to issue refunds, work to clear up equivocal transaction histories or initiate traditional chargeback procedures.


Verifi works within most retail-related industries, with and e-commerce merchants, and maximizes “payment yield” across the entire transaction life-cycle. Its service helps maintain integrity of the card payment if there is an opportunity for a consumer to claim a challenge to the payment.


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