VerifyUnion is a decentralized Digital Identification and Trust Verification platform with a Social Scoring Engine. VerifyUnion encourages digital users to get verified and earn incentives in tokens (UC Coins) which can be utilized in the VerifyUnion Ecosystem.

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ICO start date: 2017-10-03


By developing the ecosystem for VerifyUnion:Users get total control over the verification process and the data being shared for Trust and Social Identification. Government authorities, Financial Institutions and Corporates can use this system whereby user Identification and Trust can be made possible with user authentication in real time in a cost-eective manner.Evaluators can benefit by evaluating the identity of a user and getting rewarded in UC Coin tokens, and they can use the Blockchain system to alter the price for evaluation and badging in real time.Service providers who need the verification can get all the required records (after user authentication) in a single platform rather than going to multiple agencies, which reduces their verification costs significantly.

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Project website