ViaBTC is one of the largest pools in China. Its founder is Sarah Ouyang. ViaBTC (Viabtc Technology Limited) was founded in May 2016. The mission of the company is “To make the world a better place”.


Many ViaBTC developers already have experience in other mining projects. All members of the team are specialists of high class. Yang Haipo, a CEO of ViaBTC, studied at the Northwest Polytechnic University of China in 2012. After graduation, he worked as a developer at Tencent Weibo, and then FUTU. Yang is one of the first inspirers and creators of Bitcoin and a specialist in the field of blockchain.


Three types of charging systems are supported in the pool:

  • PPS +
  • SOLO

The default setting is PPS +. Users can choose different accrual systems in the “Settings” according to their ability to bear the risks. PPS + (Pay Per Share Plus) is an improved version of conventional PPS. Based on the usual option, in the PPS + system distributed payments to miners are increased. According to this system, users are paid out based on the ball (shares) they sent to the pool. The miners work for the pool and receive stable revenues according to the provided computing power. Payout to players is distributed using the PPLNS method. PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares). Payment for the last N ball. Each found valid blocks are distributed according to the ratio of the user hash for the hashtrace of the pool in previous periods of complexity. Payment to customers is also distributed. In this case, the pool collects relatively less commission for managing the pool and maintenance of the pool. In the PPLNS system, user incomes are associated with the created blocks and are unstable. But the average income for the long term is higher. SOLO. According to the SOLO mode, all revenues are given to the user who found the blocks. Other customers do not participate in the distribution of income. In this case, the pool charges a very small commission.

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