Vivid platform has a large package of tools that can constantly maintain a stable and profitable investment portfolio. The main task set by the platform is the ability to expand the functionality for each of the traders. The new functionality implies both the addition of new technical characteristics and the investment portfolio is completely new. Users can develop a completely new and profitable strategy.



The Vivid platform has several important elements in its composition:

  • capability to scalability. The system architecture is designed to support a large number of users. All financial models are growing fast to ensure good support for each user;
  • possibility of uptime. The service has a large amount of time to ensure the smooth operation of the process;
  • wide access to a large amount of reliable and important information. For technical analysis, the most good and user-friendly indicators have been selected, which the trader can use anywhere in the world and at any time;
  • ability to communicate for users. In order to discuss technical analysis, users can participate in open discussions.


The token used in the system is called VIVID, developed on the basis of ERC20. The purchase of tokens gives a large number of opportunities:

  • the ability to access more functionality for operations of buying and selling cryptocurrency;
  • each of the users will get a good reward if they promote their own content;
  • the opportunity to advertise, while making the necessary funds;
  • good API access. Tokens can be used to purchase rights to all future and possible offers.


  • In March 2018, a public token sale was launched. Tokens are sold to speed up the main development of the application and also to create an ecosystem for mobile phones. The market has the best and unique set of features that are specifically designed for many users.
  • Second quarter of 2018. Create a trial version of the platform’s mobile application. At this time, developers will receive applications from many testers, in order to create a priority for all users.
  • Third quarter of 2018. Creating a platform for advertising. Each of the brands has a unique opportunity to place their own advertising on the service resources.
  • Fourth quarter of 2018. Create a trial version of the application for a personal computer. All traders will be able to use more functional tools.
  • Early 2019. Create a trial version of the platform to create user content. Everyone can create their own unique content, communicate with other users and share knowledge with regards to technical analysis.
  • End of the first quarter of 2019. Development of API function for the platform.


  • CEO and founder of the organization is Ian Nott.
  • COO is Harrison D. Lee.
  • Director of organization products is Sascha Neumann.
  • One of the system developers and system architect is BJ Wahl.

The development team is large enough and has a huge number of professionals who are able to create everything to meet all the needs of each client.

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