VRes or Virtual Reality Electronic Sport is a platform for the market of games that include virtual reality. It was created by the well-known company Electronic Sports. VR technologies are actively influencing the lives of millions of people, and there are several tens of millions of regular players in Asia. This number is constantly growing in all key Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea), as well as in North America and Europe.

It is planned that VR-technologies will replace modern computers, cinemas, various audio systems in the entertainment direction. At the same time, the sphere of influence of VR playgrounds beats records from year to year. The number of players is growing every year in a geometric progression, and the question of the emergence of a single cryptocurrency for members of this community has become relevant.



VRes hosts a variety of competitions where users can get huge amounts of prizes. A special token is used as a ticket to a VR competition. Tokens can be won in competitions. Many players make bets, as a result the number of tokens they can win increases many times.

The main goal of VRes is to expand and popularize the VR games market. VRES tokens can serve as a financial incentive. They can be exchanged for real money or any popular cryptocurrency. In addition, VRES plans to create special stores where users can spend tokens not only as bets on new competitions, but also for the purchase of ordinary goods.

VRES servers are located in South Korea, in the company Electronic Sport. But it is planned to expand the geography of the presence of servers. If the VRES technology is successful, they will appear in all the leading countries of the world and countries with the largest number of players.


  • Main developer — Taishi Shibuki. After many years of doing business, in 2015 acquires a company engaged in the development of virtual reality technologies. In the future, the company becomes a part of Electronic Sport, and Taishi Shibuki is a leading developer of virtual reality technologies.
  • Taiki Isobe. Throughout his career, he has reached heights in many areas of business, but his key interest was attracted by virtual reality technology. Taiki Isobe is an idol of modern Japanese youth and one of the most popular script developers for virtual competitions.
  • Jeffrey Rove – main investor. He has been investing in advanced technologies for a long time and VRES has become one of the main areas of work for him.


The main objective of VRES technology, according to the company’s Whitepaper, is to introduce millions of people to virtual reality technologies. Electronic Sport strives to make people have more fun, being in the virtual world, to create technologies through which virtual reality can completely replace the real world, including a deep study of textures, creating additional incentives and capture the position of the body in virtual reality. VRES will allow to monetize the game process and recoup the costs that are planned to be directed to new research, technologies and methods of interaction of users with each other in the virtual space.

The main task is to ensure that VRES works when users interact with each other. There is one serious problem: many virtual reality helmets are incompatible with each other and a full iteration, including the participation of two or more players with different types of helmets, becomes impossible. In this case, it is necessary to involve manufacturers to develop a single standard, and the financial component of the development will be on VRES. In addition, virtual reality technologies are useful not only in games, but also in medicine, psychotherapy, for research, monitoring of enterprises, passenger flow management in the field of transport management and a number of other technologies. Currently, the study of virtual reality is given increased attention, because they will be able to provide a new type of future, significantly changing the process of human interaction with the computer, smart systems and mechanisms.

Tokens and ICO

Tokens are placed on the basis of Ethereum. It is planned to implement 330 million of VRES. VRES are sold at a price 1 ETH = 3400 VRES. At the same time, the cost of server equipment, due to which trading, competitions and blockchain process will be carried out, amounted to 30 million USD.

The company plans to recoup the investment by the upcoming ICO. It will be held from June 18 to July 31, 2018. The minimum investment amount is 0.5 ETH, the maximum is 29411 ETH. Investors from all countries of the world are invited. As a result, the ICO will receive a significant profit, which will be distributed in the following scheme: operating costs — 7%, development — 40%, creation of video games and video content — 15%, law — 3%, marketing — 35%.


According to many participants of the VR-technologies and cryptocurrencies market, the upcoming ICO will become a real event. The virtual reality technology market is growing every year and it is expected that by 2020 up to one third of North Americans will spend many hours on VR games. Virtual reality technologies are actively introduced in Europe, where the number of players also begins to break records. According to analysts, the market of virtual reality technologies in 2017 amounted to 463 million dollars a year.

If players actively start using cryptocurrency for admission to competitions, betting, as a means of payment in virtual reality stores, its popularity will grow. In this case, a surge of interest in trading VRES on all the gaming platforms of the world is expected.

The impact of virtual reality technologies on the future of all mankind is difficult to overestimate, and therefore a significant growth of the VRES market and all markets that somehow interact with the world of virtual reality is expected. Most likely, virtual reality in the coming years will come into the life of many narrow specialists, households, artificial intelligence systems, greatly simplifying the process of work on the one hand and adding new tasks, requirements for the results of work, on the other.

Virtual reality systems are already being actively designed for modeling air, space flights, control of various devices, robots, and the technology of combining virtual reality and artificial intelligence is being actively investigated. All this together makes VRES technology promising in terms of payback. Surely, in the next few years, it will apply only to the game, but in the future it will be necessary in many areas of modern community life. All this will lead to a significant increase in the value of tokens and interest in the cryptocurrency around the world.

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